Easily Use old iPhones as WiFi cameras


presence iphone

There are plenty of affordable pet cams, security cams, baby cams, nanny cams, etc. on the market — but you can’t beat free. Free, that is, as long as you happen to have an older iPhone or other iOS device lying around. Which, hey, I do! Let’s give this a try.

The new Presence app from People Power uses an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod as a wireless video camera that can be monitored from your newer iOS device. “In the last year, 50 million iPhones have been replaced with newer versions,” the company says. “Presence reimagines these unused devices into powerful Wi-Fi video cameras with face-to-face video and audio conversations, motion detection, and video clip alerts.”

It’s the first “free, self-installable camera and service” People Power says. [While the app is free, the company hopes to profit from stands, cables, and other accessories that make the phone a better surveillance cam.]

“People Power Presence disrupts the home security and automation industry with an affordable and easy-to-use solution for the people,” the company says. “Traditional home security and monitoring companies charge expensive monthly subscription fees for their call center services. With People Power Presence and an available iPhone, iPad, or iPod, consumers can monitor their own homes and offices absolutely free with no monthly subscription fee.”

…On second though, an old smartphone is also of course a good general-purpose computer with a touchscreen — perhaps they are almost ubiquitous today, but should we wastefully leave the primary capabilities untapped just to have a WiFi camera — when those can be had for just $60?

More information is here.