Radio Shack launches new “electronics playground” concept store

RADIOSHACK CORPORATION LOGO Under the guidance of its new CEO Joe Magnacca, RadioShack Corp. has just opened a new concept store — which it calls an “electronics playground” and some analysts refer to as “Applish” — in NewRADIOSHACK CORPORATION CONCEPT STORE NYC SPEAKER WALL York City. Other prototype stores will open in New York, New Jersey and Texas over the next several weeks, tailored to local market needs. If successful, these stores will become the blueprint for future retrofits and remodeling of many of RadioShack’s 4,300 stores throughout the United States.

“Our goal at RadioShack is to make our iconic brand relevant to new segments of the consumer market, while reinforcing our commitment to the strong and loyal base of customers who have known RadioShack for many years.  We know that all of these consumers like technology when it makes their lives simpler, but they love technology when it makes their lives fun,” Magnacca said.

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