On the DIMAcast: PhotoShelter Beams beta


photoshelter beam

Online pro service PhotoShelter is revamping its portfolio offering with Beam, which it bills as a “cutting edge photography website platform. Beam lets you easily create a striking, responsive website that looks great on virtually any screen size.”

Beam works with PhotoShelter’s image archive, client sharing and delivery tools, and eCommerce platform, “to deliver the most engaging and compelling way for photographers to present their work online,” the company says. Beam is an API-based platform “to keep pace with trends in portfolio websites and emerging web paradigms. The API provides hooks into hosted images and “affords us the flexibility and agility to respond to the needs of our members by developing new features, template designs, 3rd party integrations and workflow tools more rapidly than ever.” New sites are created using HTML5 and CSS3, which allow images to scale according to screen size. A standard account with 60 gigabytes of storage is $30 per month.

In this episode of the DIMAcast, PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman tells us how and why Beam was developed, looks at the competitive landscape in online photo services, and details production on the company’s free photography guides.

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