Focus on: Mario Shimoda, Shimoda Photo e Video

Mario Shimoda

Mario Shimoda

Established in 1992 at the town of Volta Redonda, in the Paraiba Valley area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Shimoda Photo e Video was started in the 1960s by Mario Shimoda and his father, Jihei Shimoda, who took pictures of politicians and personalities of the region.

Jihei was also a well known teacher, who introduced many of the local professional to the world of photography — including Mario, who very soon started his own business.

Having transitioned to the digital business in 2001, today Shimoda has 3 stores in the region and has a studio that makes photobooks, specializing in new born children and pregnant women. Most of his net income comes from photo memories (cups, key rings, etc.) and invitations, as well as photos for the wedding photography business.

Following his father, Mario also has a well known photo school for amateurs that brings a lot of business to his shops, as many customers are former students who continue to shoot both digital and film.

Film is still very popular among his customers. Last December, he sold more than 500 rolls — and Mario is very concerned about the lack of a broad offering of films for which he sees a great demand, arising especially from the vintage trend among customers.

Lately, he has been part of a group that travels the world with Harley Davidson motorcycles. Last year, Mario was at the celebration of 110th anniversary of the motorcycle brand, having visited Milwaukee together with other 20 riders. Next May, he plans on traveling to East Europe with the same group. His motorcycle passion is also a business opportunity, as he not only rides with this group but also does their photobooks and uses the photos for his decoration business. Mario has served several years as PMA TVP for East Brazil and also as National Chairperson for the country.