Start a photo scanning business with Pixologie

EZ Photo Scan

slide wheelSo many of us still have albums and shoe boxes of old printed photos. There’s gotta be a business opportunity there…

“For photo organizing and scanning entrepreneurs,” Pixologie says it will provide a Kodak Alaris Picture Saver scanning system for $299.

The company partnered with E-Z Photo Scan “to offer a complete turnkey photo scanning business. The program combines all necessary elements to make a photo scanning business quick and easy.” That includes a business marketing plan, a laptop computer, and service and maintenance.

“The equipment is set up either to perform scanning of photos and treasured documents,” Pixologie adds, “or to rent to clients who prefer the do-it-yourself model.”

There’s more information here.

Witness to Genius: photographer keynotes mobile conference

doug menuez

doug menuezOne photographer had access to the early days at many Silicon Valley innovators — and he’ll share what he saw and learned at the Mobile Photo Connect industry conference.

Photographer Doug Menuez is the author of “Fearless Genius: Witness to the Digital Revolution,” in which he is “reporting what I saw – I was in the room and witnessed the decisions and actions.” He was invited by Steve Jobs and other execs to “record their stories of struggle, failure, sacrifice and success, from 1985 to 2000.”

The special session will be “a source of insight and inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs,” says Mobile Photo Connect conference chair Hans Hartman. He also announced the first 23 of 30 developers who will present their photo apps in three fast-paced show-and-tell sessions. Among the companies demonstrating are Dropbox, Fujifilm, Kodak Alaris, Lifepics, Magisto, and MailPix.

mobile photo connect

Stereo Daguerreotypes in New Zealand for World Photo Day

new zealand daguerreotype

new zealand daguerreotype

At Snapshot Cameras in New Zealand, they celebrated World Photo Day in style. Because the 175th anniversary of photography coincided with the 150th anniversary of the city of Hamilton, the store owners thought it fitting to invite their local contemporary Daguerreotypist to help them celebrate.

The store first dates back to 1928, and has been owned by the Boswell family since 1946.

Photo Organizer Jill Boswell reports Alan Bekhuis from Cased Images created a stereo image from two daguerreotypes, for which each silver-coated copper plate must be brought to a high mirror polish and sensitized to light with iodine and bromine. The plate is then exposed in the camera and developed over heated mercury to reveal the latent image.  “Exposed plates must be developed within a very short time of exposure so our guest brought his mobile darkroom, complete with fume cupboard, along on the day to both prepare and to develop the plates.”

boswellSnapshot Cameras also provided in store displays of antique and classic cameras, a reproduction of the first folding whole plate camera, and some images captured using older techniques, Boswell adds.

Sam Boswell produced a video of the day which can be viewed here.

Camera history shown on World Photography Day


world photo day

For World Photo Day, the project opened its “global gallery” for submissions, and other sites served a look at the history of digital photography.


Popular Photography notes the world was “introduced to Dageurreotype Photography 175 Years Ago” here. “On this day in 1839, the daguerreotype process was officially announced to the public and the materials required to make them became available to the public,” the site adds. “The Giroux daguerrotype camera started making its way across the world just a few weeks after it was announced. “The Giroux daguerrotype camera started making its way across the world just a few weeks after it was announced. It was a huge step in terms of the photographic process, adding a new layer and beginning a movement that would ultimately result in our current state where cameras are pretty much omnipresent.”


Imaging developer Lytro looks back at 175 years of photography here. “Starting with the first recorded photograph on paper in 1839 and finishing with the exciting future unfolding with light field photography, the infographic takes you through the twists and turns photography has taken over nearly two centuries to become the advanced technological marvel it is today,” the company says.


And Digital Spy shows an overview of camera development here.

Google acquires image-analyzing startup Jetpac



San Francisco-based startup Jetpac is the latest Google acquisition, bringing new imaging techniques to the search leader.
The purchase amount was not disclosed.

For its Jetpac City Guides, the company algorithmically scanned images to determine how much people liked a location — by recognizing, say, how many photos with smiling faces were taken there. The result could provide unique contextual information.

It addition to the photo analyzing application, Jetpac has tools for real-time local object recognition, and its technology is reportedly based on the work of a Google researcher.

There’s more information here, here, and here.


TV’s “Today Show” spotlights MailPix’ customized growth chart

mailpix growth chart

mailpix growth chart

It’s always good news for the photo business when any new print product gets widespread attention — and especially when a PMA member gets national exposure!

NBC’s morning talk show featured the customized growth charts developed by photo printing service MailPix.

Made so you can easily track your child’s milestones, the charts peel off the wall without damage, “and you can personalize it with a few pictures and the baby’s name,” says CEO Fred Lerner — who’s also a board member of PMA’s Association of Imaging Executives. The charts measure 12×36 inches. MailPix even offered viewers of the episode a code for 75 percent off.


Action camera maker GoPro reports loss


gopro-3+Leading outdoors action camera maker GoPro has been in the news a lot this year, primarily for filing an IPO and its valuation at sky-high figures. Now it’s finances are newsworthy again, but not for such positive reasons.

Reuters reports the company’s first financial results since its initial public offering in June weren’t great, with a quarterly loss and claims the manufacturer’s costs had nearly doubled.

GoPro shares fell 11 percent. However, Forbes adds the company’s overall result did exceed analyst’s previous revenue targets.

Martha Stewart “loves her drone”

drone camera

parrot bebopdrone

We’ve written a lot here about unmanned aerial vehicles — UAVs or drones — and their increased use for photography from on high. However, we’ve not mentioned any famous users… until now, as Time ran Martha Stewart’s own report on her infatuation with her drone.

“Last year, while celebrating my birthday in Maine, I was given a drone fitted with a high-definition camera,” she writes. “After a quick introduction to the mechanics of operating the contraption and a few words about its idiosyncrasies, I loaded the appropriate app on my iPad and went down to the beach. In just a few minutes I was hooked. In near silence, the drone rose, hovered, and dove, silently and surreptitiously photographing us and the landscape around us. The photos and video were stunning.”

Stewart was primarily looking at her own home and property, but enjoyed the “unusual vantage points” that “would have otherwise been impossible without the use of a private plane, helicopter, or balloon.”

Her full article here is of interest as she notes historical use of “guy-wired telescoping towers, extension ladders of dangerous lengths, and hot-air balloons from which intrepid photographers could capture remarkable image.”

Stewart also posts images on her blog at


Flickr to directly market user photos

flickr logo

flickr logoYahoo’s Flickr photo sharing site is licensing users photos and featuring them on prominent news sites, including Yahoo’s own properties.

The program promises to generate additional income through commercial licensing, TechCrunch reports. Flickr will work with “photo agencies, editors, bloggers and other creative minds who are seeking original content.”

Flickr already offers similar services through a partnership with Getty.

There’s more information here and here.

flickr screen

Sony, Fujifilm camera revenue rising


fujifilm_logoAnd here we’ve gotten used to news of camera sales revenue declining in light of greater smartphone market penetration… but the Imaging Resource reports both Sony and Fujifilm improved their business in that area last quarter.

Following similar good news from Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony “report that in the past fiscal year, both sales and earnings generated by their imaging businesses have risen. Again, it’s pretty evident what this can be attributed to, namely both companies’ orientation away from compact cameras and towards premium models, especially interchangeable-lens cameras,” the site says.

Fujifilm’s imaging division’s operating income rose 8 percent.

Sony’s imaging division’s operating income rose to $169 million.

The full story is here.