PMA friends pause for a picture at photokina

photokina shot

I just came across this shot of some very familiar faces, and I thought I’d share it with you. This was taken a few days ago at the AAA Imaging booth at photokina. Pictured left to right are Mike Wodushek, Neil Cohen, John Segall, Chris Noterman and Bob Noterman.

photokina shot

Texas court strikes down ‘improper photography’ statute



Yes, a kind of picture-taking was against the law in Texas…
“Improper photography” had been defined as arousing photography taken without consent. Yes, it was perhaps primarily first meant to simply stop peeping toms and such scofflaws. But vague wording meant enforcement could have overreached, and it could have been a dangerous precedent. Thankfully it’s been struck down.

Part of the Court’s reasoning:
“A statute is likely to be found overbroad if the criminal prohibition it creates is of “alarming breadth.” Such is the case with the current statute, the breadth of which has been accurately characterized as “breathtaking.” The statutory provision at issue is extremely broad, applying to any non-consensual photograph, occurring anywhere, as long as the actor has an intent to arouse or gratify sexual desire. This statute could easily be applied to an entertainment reporter who takes a photograph of an attractive celebrity on a public street. But the statute operates unconstitutionally even if applied to someone who takes purely public photographs of another for personal reasons with the requisite intent.”

The full story is here — written by the law professor who co-wrote the legal brief in the court case.

Canon’s Kwanon is 80



It’s been 80 years since Canon debuted its first camera, the Kwanon. (And to think it doesn’t look a day over 79!)

The Kwanon was the first 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera in Japan, Canon says, and was “the culmination of the dreams of engineers who wanted to catch up with Europe, the leading presence in the camera industry at the time.” It was named after the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

Two years later, Canon launched its Hansa commercial 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera. It wasn’t until 1959 that Canon introduced its first single-lens reflex camera.


Witness to Genius: photographer keynotes mobile conference

doug menuez

doug menuezOne photographer had access to the early days at many Silicon Valley innovators — and he’ll share what he saw and learned at the Mobile Photo Connect industry conference.

Photographer Doug Menuez is the author of “Fearless Genius: Witness to the Digital Revolution,” in which he is “reporting what I saw – I was in the room and witnessed the decisions and actions.” He was invited by Steve Jobs and other execs to “record their stories of struggle, failure, sacrifice and success, from 1985 to 2000.”

The special session will be “a source of insight and inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs,” says Mobile Photo Connect conference chair Hans Hartman. He also announced the first 23 of 30 developers who will present their photo apps in three fast-paced show-and-tell sessions. Among the companies demonstrating are Dropbox, Fujifilm, Kodak Alaris, Lifepics, Magisto, and MailPix.

mobile photo connect

Camera history shown on World Photography Day


world photo day

For World Photo Day, the project opened its “global gallery” for submissions, and other sites served a look at the history of digital photography.


Popular Photography notes the world was “introduced to Dageurreotype Photography 175 Years Ago” here. “On this day in 1839, the daguerreotype process was officially announced to the public and the materials required to make them became available to the public,” the site adds. “The Giroux daguerrotype camera started making its way across the world just a few weeks after it was announced. “The Giroux daguerrotype camera started making its way across the world just a few weeks after it was announced. It was a huge step in terms of the photographic process, adding a new layer and beginning a movement that would ultimately result in our current state where cameras are pretty much omnipresent.”


Imaging developer Lytro looks back at 175 years of photography here. “Starting with the first recorded photograph on paper in 1839 and finishing with the exciting future unfolding with light field photography, the infographic takes you through the twists and turns photography has taken over nearly two centuries to become the advanced technological marvel it is today,” the company says.


And Digital Spy shows an overview of camera development here.

Action camera maker GoPro reports loss


gopro-3+Leading outdoors action camera maker GoPro has been in the news a lot this year, primarily for filing an IPO and its valuation at sky-high figures. Now it’s finances are newsworthy again, but not for such positive reasons.

Reuters reports the company’s first financial results since its initial public offering in June weren’t great, with a quarterly loss and claims the manufacturer’s costs had nearly doubled.

GoPro shares fell 11 percent. However, Forbes adds the company’s overall result did exceed analyst’s previous revenue targets.

Liberty marks 30th anniversary


libertyLiberty Synergistics is celebrating 30 years in business. Ron Green founded Liberty in 1984, initially as a supplier of plastic and stainless steel ball bearings to the photo and motion picture industries. Over the past 30 years, Liberty has grown significantly to meet the product, parts and accessories needs of wholesale and retail image processing companies across the USA and internationally. In recent years, Liberty added a fulfillment division, ivoke, making millions of personalized products. ivoke is a production and fulfillment powerhouse, working behind the scenes of many companies, brands, photographers and artists.

“We are continuing to realign our product offerings to include all the new innovative products that allow us to personalize our lives through imaging,” comments Green, CEO.

As a testament to Liberty’s commitment to the evolving imaging and personalization industry, the Company is launching a new website,, in August. Using the latest web and e-commerce technology, the new site offers a broad array of products to help imaging and personalization companies grow their revenue. From wide format printing to sublimation, direct print and mounting, Liberty2create offers a broad line of products to help labs increase their revenues and provide new and differentiated products to their customers.

Check back often, as the site will continually be updated with how-to videos, new products, and more.

Walk off the war: Fujifilm sponsors veterans organization

warrior walk fuji

warrior walk fuji

The U.S. division of Fujifilm is sponsoring Warrior Hike, a non-profit organization supporting combat veterans transitioning from their military service by hiking America’s National Scenic Trails.

Warrior Hike has partnered with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and more recently with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, and the Pacific Crest Trail Association to expand the “Walk Off The War” Program. During the 6-month 2,000-plus mile journey along a National Scenic Trail, veterans have the opportunity to decompress from their military service and come to terms with their wartime experiences while learning to use the outdoors as an alternative form of therapy.

As part of its sponsorship, Fujifilm has donated several FinePix XP-Series rugged, waterproof cameras “so that as the veterans embark on their journeys through the “Walk Off The War” program, they are able to capture the scenery and memories as they experience them.,” the company says. “We hope the veterans will find solace in the images and movies they capture along the trails and help them as they transition back into civilian life.”

In addition, Fujifilm will be supporting the Warrior Hike by matching their employee donations through their Corporate Giving program.

Fujifilm Holdings America Corporation is the Regional Headquarters for all the Americas, comprised of subsidiary companies in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.

IPC celebrates 40th anniversary at 2014 PMA@CES

The IPC 40th Anniversary logo, designed by IPC board member Kathy Magrane and IPC member Muzammil I. Sidiqqui, combines elements of IPC’s traditional logo with 40th anniversary graphics.
The IPC 40th Anniversary logo, designed by IPC board member Kathy Magrane and IPC member Muzammil I. Sidiqqui, combines elements of IPC’s traditional logo with 40th anniversary graphics.

The IPC 40th Anniversary logo, designed by IPC board member Kathy Magrane and IPC member Muzammil I. Sidiqqui, combines elements of IPC’s traditional logo with 40th anniversary graphics.

PMA began its 90th birthday celebration this week at the PMA 2014 Conferences — but we’re not the only ones marking an important milestone in 2014.

The International Photographic Council (IPC), the New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography as a universal means of communication, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To help launch a year-long celebration, IPC unveiled a new commemorative logo during PMA@CES today —“PEACE THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY”—which reflects its history and core mission.

Since it was founded in 1974, the non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, with an international membership representing every major photo industry sector, has supported initiatives that embrace the motto “Peace Through Understanding, Understanding Through Photography, the Universal Language.”

From its early achievement in getting a commemorative stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service to honor photography, the IPC has driven and implemented major initiatives in support of the photoimaging industry.

Each year, IPC President James Chung invites professional photography organizations to nominate a professional photographer who best represents their group’s ideals. Honorees are recognized at an Annual Leadership Award Luncheon at the United Nations during “May: International Professional Photography Month.”

In 2012, IPC presented a United Nations Photo Exhibit at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The “United Nations: Decades of Achievement” exhibition ran throughout the convention, September 17-23, and continues as an international traveling exhibit.

IPC offers scholarships to outstanding photoimaging students: the Ira Seebacher Scholarship Award for American school students who excel in the study of photography; the Kunio Yatomi Scholarship for graduate students in Japan who achieve excellence in their photoimaging major; and the Sophie Smoliar Scholarship for outstanding European students in photographic classes. The photo industry of Germany co-sponsors this European scholarship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “This year, our Annual Leadership Award Luncheon at the United Nations will be a very special occasion,” says IPC President James Chung. “In addition to celebrating the achievements of our professional photographer honorees, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. We join our friends at PMA in celebrating their 90th anniversary, along with the 175th anniversary of photography in 2014 — a year filled with key industry milestones.”

Throughout 2014, IPC will be posting anniversary-related stories and images on its website and social media. Watch for testimonials and anecdotes from Leadership Award honorees, photographs and IPC historical trivia, on the IPC website.



John Segall of Lifetouch receives 2014 PMA Hall of Fame Award

John Segall receives PMA’s highest honor. Photo by Diane Berkenfeld.
John Segall receives PMA’s highest honor. Photo by Diane Berkenfeld.

John Segall receives PMA’s highest honor. Photo by Diane Berkenfeld.

I’m delighted to announce John Segall of Lifetouch is the recipient of the 2014 PMA Hall of Fame Award – PMA’s highest honor — for decades of service to PMA and to the imaging industry as a whole.

John was born into a photographic family. His grandfather, Louis Segall, was a portrait photographer in Germany; his father, Karl Segall, a Professional School Photographers Association (PSPA) Past President and a recipient of the PMA Distinguished Service Award, joined Louis in opening a photography studio after they immigrated to America in 1938.

John and his brother Jeff joined the family business more than 40 years ago. In 1995, the Segall brothers sold both Segall-Majestic and Elegant Images to Lifetouch Inc., and continue to work with Lifetouch to this day.

John attended his first PMA seminar in New Orleans in 1974. He joined the PSPA Board of Directors in 1982, and served until 1988. He was elected President of PSPA in 1985 (a position John’s brother Jeff also held, in 1995). John served on the PMA Board of Directors from 1989-1997, and was elected President in 1993. He became a PMA Lifetime Member in 1994, and was a member of the PMA Services Board of Directors from 2004-2012. John was the organizer of the industry gift to Roy S. Pung, upon Pung’s retirement from PMA in 2002, and serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Michigan State University Roy S. Pung Best Practices in Management Lecture Series. John received the PMA Distinguished Service Award in 2008, and the PSPA Lynx Award in 2012.

John currently serves the imaging industry as Vice President and Board member of the International Photographic Council (IPC), and organized and staged the United Nations Exhibition of Photography on behalf of the IPC at Photokina in 2012. He is also a member of the Buck Rogers/NPG Group.

“With his long and remarkable service to PMA and the entire imaging industry, John continues and builds upon a proud family legacy,” said PMA president Allen Showalter. “On behalf of the entire PMA membership, it is truly a privilege to recognize John with the PMA Hall of Fame Award, as a symbol of our thanks for his lifetime of hard work and dedication.”

John will be presented with the PMA Hall of Fame Award on Jan. 7, 2014, during 2014 PMA@CES, Jan 7-10, 2014, at the LVH in Las Vegas, Nev. Look for more about John in the upcoming Jan./Feb. 2014 issue of PMA magazine.