PMA Australia Specialty Industry Conference offers ideas, opportunities and motivation



Ed Monahan of Kodak Alaris addressed school photographers

Ed Monahan of Kodak Alaris addressed school photographers

PMA Australia held its three-day Specialty Industry Conference this past weekend in Manly. Here, Peter Rose, Director of PMA Australia, shares his take on the event:

The Specialty Industry Conference offered a wide range of topics, speakers, and panels. Members engaged in discussions and received information that they could immediately implement in their own businesses, and heard from suppliers who shared their vision.

Friday’s trade show, with around 30 suppliers/exhibitors showing their wares, was an opportunity for one-on-one demonstrations; there was

also plenty of networking and camaraderie at the various events and meetings, coupled with some drinks and excellent food.

retailer panel.jpg

Panelists share insights

Saturday saw the PSPA group listening to two diverse speakers: Ed Monahan of Kodak Alaris, talking about school photography opportunities in an increasingly digital word of consumer behavior; and Sue Gresswell, on the New Working with Children Check – the rules and costs involved for anyone working with children. A trip to Sun Studios provided a welcome view into a successful business, a fun ride in a shuttle bus and a delicious lunch.

Sunday’s full conference program delivered intelligent and thought-provoking sessions, aimed at a primarily retailer audience, to help them do what they need to do for growth in a changing world. The upshot was that there is still opportunity to make money; there was an openness about the whole event, with speakers, panels and the audience willing to share their techniques, their ideas, and their strategies for success.

About 30 companies exhibited at the event.

About 30 companies exhibited at the event.

Overall, this was a successful event that gave value to members in terms of education. Now comes the hard part: keeping motivated to put into action the ideas and suggestions that were delivered.

Special thanks to National Chairperson Paul Atkins, who was tireless in his formal responsibilities, as well as showing he is a master in “holding the audience” during the various panel sessions. We will seeking feedback from the major participants in Camera House, PSPA, APCI and the various buying groups to agree on next year’s format. The general consensus amongst conference attendees was that the first Industry Conference was “‘very worthwhile.”

On the PMA Podcast: Protect your photos with copyright registration



“You really feel violated when  you are infringed, when someone takes your work and uses it illegally,” says commercial photographer Jack Reznicki.

There are tried-and-true ways to head that off, and Reznicki will provide the legal and practical details at his presentation at the PMA Conference in Las Vegas in January. We sat down with him this Fall to get an advance look at that talk, and a look back at where he came from.

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PMA Australia Specialty Industry Conference focuses on moving to the consumer


1451PMA Australia is holding a Specialty Industry Conference, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 in Sydney, with the theme of “Moving to the Consumer“. Providing education to consumers is one of the primary ways PMA is helping its members grow their businesses.

“The recently held Educational Expos in Brisbane and Melbourne clearly demonstrated how PMA can co-ordinate retailers, suppliers and consumers in a very cost effective event, which can now be replicated in markets across Australia. The positive consumer, supplier and retailer feedback we received following these events give us real enthusiasm to launch a further four events in 2015,” says Peter Rose, PMA Director of Australian Activities. “Camera House, Teds and other major retailers were instrumental in supporting this program with financial underwriting from APCI, which was co-ordinated by our Chairperson, Paul Atkins. Canon and Nikon agreed to sponsor the program. This co-operative approach was key to their success and will be a major factor in deciding where events will be staged next year. The overall objective is to make consumer photo education easily accessible and affordable, with the close co-operation of PMA members in those areas.”

Peter adds the program of speakers, panels and workshops for the 2014 Specialty Industry Conference is our strongest yet. “If you are serious about the future of your business,” he states, “you should be there.”


On the PMA Podcast: Get on board with Save Your Photos Day


PMApodcast_icon_sqOn this episode of the PMA Podcast, Jen Kruger, publisher of PMA Magazine, talks with Cathi Nelson, founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and the Save Your Photos Alliance. The Alliance held its first annual Save Your Photos Day for the first time on September 27. Listen in at, or using the player below, as Cathi discusses the concept behind the event, how the idea spread to four different countries in only 90 days, what imaging businesses did to make the most of it in their communities, and how you can get involved next time around.

Unveiling imaging apps

Mobile Photo Connect

Mobile Photo Connect

Seventeen mobile photo app developers will debut their work at the Mobile Photo Connect conference in San Francisco next week.

Among the start-ups will be Applied Recognition, AtomKnows LLC, BeFunky, CanvasPop, Eversnap Pro, Joindrop – Onepastfive GmbH, Krome Photos, Looksery Inc., MailPix, Orbeus, PhotoGurus,  Pixicle, Quirl, Sky Mobile Technologies, Takes Inc., Taopix Ltd, and Walgreens.

The conference says more than 130 photo app developers, imaging companies, mobile vendors, and other industry participants from Asia, Europe and the Americas will attend.

The announcements will include face recognition technology, iOS native photo book creation and ordering, event photography, photo auto-matching, real-time face perfecting and transforming effects, and more.

PMA is the media sponsor for Mobile Photo Connect, an executive conference focused on promoting innovation and partnerships in the mobile photography ecosystem. The event will be held October 15, 2014, at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

There’s more information here.


Deep learning into image recognition and beyond

Mobile Photo Connect

Mobile Photo Connect

Only a week left to get ready for Mobile Photo Connect in San Francisco — and prepare for the “Deep Dive” the conference is promising into key areas in imaging technology and marketing.

Most important perhaps is picture organization: Consumers are already overwhelmed by the sheer number of photos they and their families and friends capture and share; now, significant changes in usage models are adding complexity for customers and vendors alike.

• A majority of consumers store photos on multiple devices or web services, thereby making it more difficult for them to keep track of their visual assets. A Suite 48 Analytics research study on The Dispersed Photo Challenge found that 76 percent of North American respondents use at least two different types of devices to store a significant number of photos.

• Photo consumption and visual communication are increasingly becoming “capture and flow” rather than “capture and store” processes. More and more photos are instantly shared through services like Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram Direct. Finding these images after the fact is an insurmountable challenge for many.

Most traditional photo management and photo sharing programs have not kept up with the rapidly changing needs of today’s “any device + any sharing method” photo users. However, a number of innovative startups are tackling this problem by bringing to bear leading edge photo categorization, image recognition and deep learning technologies.

Mobile Photo Connect “will provide a unique opportunity to see many of these game-changing applications demonstrated in the course of 33 show-and-tell presentations – as well as two in-depth panel discussions dedicated to this key topic:

The future of photo organizing: from manual to deep learning, with:
•       Matthew Zeiler, Founder and CEO of Clarifai, winner of last year’s ImageNet Challenge
•       Naren Dubey, CEO of PhotoGurus and author of the All Too Much – The Problem of too Many Digital Photos white paper
•       Chris Lee, Product Manager, Photos at Dropbox
•       Yi Li, CEO of Orbeus

The future of storytelling: from sharing photos to sharing experiences, with:
•       Reid Genauer, CMO at Magisto
•       Loren Appin, Director of Growth at Pixable
•       Jochen Moelle, Head of Developer Program at Kodak Alaris
•       Mok Oh, Co-founder & CEO of Moju Labs, former Chief Scientist at PayPal

PMA is the media sponsor for Mobile Photo Connect, an executive conference focused on promoting innovation and partnerships in the mobile photography ecosystem. The event will be held October 15, 2014, at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.




On the PMA Podcast: PMA Official Business Sessions speakers Colby Jubenville and Bill McCurry


PMApodcast_icon_sqColby Jubenville says being unique, agile and fast is paramount to your success in business. The co-author of “Zebras and Cheetahs,” he has suggestions to help you rethink your approach to being unique. This episode of the PMA Podcast features Jubenville on the McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange. Listen and discover that just as every zebra has unique stripe patterns, every successful business can use its strengths and collective passion to be unique. On January 4, 2014, spend some time with both Colby Jubenville and Bill McCurry at the Official Business Session during the PMA 2015 Conferences at Bally’s Las Vegas. Get ready to kick start your business to move at cheetah speed with agility to respond to whatever 2015 holds for your organization.

Five reasons to attend Mobile Photo Connect

mobile photo connect

mobile photo connect

Hey, the fact that we’ll be there isn’t on the list – what gives, Hans? : )

PMA is a media sponsor for the conference this month that “offers unique learning and networking opportunities for senior executives in the mobile photography industry.”

1. Conference chair Hans Hartman says his Mobile Photo Connect will let you “network with movers and shakers from key mobile, imaging and photo app vendors shaping the mobile photo business.”
Among the top companies going are Adobe, Carnival Cruise Lines, CEWE, Dropbox, Ecce Terram, Fujifilm, HTC, Kodak Alaris, Lifepics, Magisto, Mailpix, Mediaclip, Mosaic, RPI, and Walgreens.

2. The summit will feature four panel discussions on photo organizing, storytelling, funding mobile photography startups, and profiting in photos.

3. There will also be live demos of 33 photo apps, and 4., a panel of imaging industry investors.

5. World-renowned photographer Doug Menuez will present a first-hand account of how Steve Jobs and other leading innovators of the Digital Revolution struggled, failed, sacrificed and succeeded. “This photo-rich session will be more than a reflection on a fascinating past – it will be a source of insight and inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs attending the Mobile Photo Connect conference.”

The Mobile Photo Connect executive conference is October 15, 2014, at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

There’s more information here.


Discover how to be zebra-unique and cheetah-agile at the PMA 2015 Official Business Session


image005Take a walk on the wild side — wild success in your business, that is.

PMA announces Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D., author of the book Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile To Survive The Business Jungle, and imaging industry/retailing expert Bill McCurry will be sharing the stage at the first of two Official Business Sessions being held at Bally’s Las Vegas on January 5-6, 2015, as part of the PMA 2015 Conferences.

This keynote address, called Look Different. Run Faster. Win Bigger, is based on Jubenville’s book, and promises to show attendees how to be superstars in the imaging industry. To be better known and better understood, you have to begin with a unique perspective and mindset. To look different, you must understand your unique value and communicate with emotion. To run faster, you must embrace the “Coaching Revolution” and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.

The interactive session will explain the philosophy found in Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile To Survive The Business Jungle. You’ll discover imaging industry examples of organizations that look different and stay agile because they are Zebra Different and Cheetah Fast. You will leave with focus, clarity and direction about how to be a superstar in your life and business.

Jubenville is an accomplished entrepreneur, inventor, author, speaker and professor. He holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University and is Principal of Red Herring Innovation and Design, an agency specializing in helping people and organizations become better known, better understood, and better understand the unique value they deliver, and is also founder of QRTechnologies, an intellectual property firm that specializes in creating and delivering learning materials that fulfill education and marketing needs resulting in faster adoption and greater retention of knowledge.

McCurry travels the English-speaking world listening to imaging leaders. He consistently brings back to his audiences proven strategies that break new ground and show the path to greater success. Bill was inducted into the PMA Hall of Fame in 2012. He has more than 100 Marketing Idea Exchanges on and helped launch the new PMA Newsline carries his weekly written Marketing Idea Exchange. He has written four books for PMA, had his own business radio talk show, consults and lectures across the globe. Most importantly, he has passion for independent business owners to succeed and flourish. His goal is your success.

The PMA 2015 Conferences are being held at Bally’s, just prior to the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

To register for this and all the exciting sessions and opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January, visit

Financing for app developers: Free paper from Mobile Photo Connect

mobile photo connect

mobile photo connect

Are you thinking of developing a mobile imaging app — but also thinking that the project might cost more than you have? There are financing options available, and if you want to know more about them, there’s now information ready — at no cost.

In preparation for its session on “The Ins and Outs of Funding mobile photography startups,” at the upcoming Mobile Photo Connect conference, conference organizer Suite 48 Analytics is offering a free white paper that describes photo app developers’ and investors’ considerations for financing photo app startups.

The Financing Photo Apps study draws lessons from interviews with developers with revenues ranging from less than $100K to over $20M.  The investors span the range from angel investors to investment banks.

Topics include:
•       Valuation drivers in financing transactions
•       Valuation drivers at exit
•       Characteristics of “good” investors
•       Deciding between transaction and revenue goals
•       Deciding when it’s time to get to market

The studies authors are Don Strickland, president and CEO of Strickland & Associates and adjunct professor at Imperial College London, and Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics and chair of Mobile Photo Connect.

Several of the study participants will also participate in various panels at the Mobile Photo Connect conference on October 15 in San Francisco, including Rudy Burger, Managing Partner at Woodside Capital, and Evan Nisselson, Partner at LDV Capital.

The free white paper is here.