Get up to speed with speed geeking at InnovationNow

InnovationNow logoTired of the same old conference program, filled with Powerpoints and demos? PMA InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit Sept. 27-28, 2015, changes things up by adding a new interactive feature: Speed Geeking. Think of Speed Geeking as speed dating, but for technology companies.

Here’s how it works: At the end of the program on Sept. 27, a small number of tables will be in the foyer. Presenters at each table will have a set amount of time 10 minutes to demo or pitch their product or service to whomever is at the table. Then a bell rings, and the presenters move to a new table. Then the presentations repeats and so on. This fun, fast-paced format gets conversations going, allowing effective networking to happen.

Join leaders like Mediaclip, Mixbook, Live Portrait and more who will showcase their latest innovations in relaxed atmosphere. Interested in demonstrating? There are still a few spots left, so contact Kathy Bradley at for all the details. Space is limited, so act now. You don’t want to miss out!

InnovationNow will also present the Out of the Box Awards, honoring pioneers in the business of photography. Register today to ensure your place at InnovationNow – and your place in the future of photography.

The Summit

What: InnovationNow Photo Business and Technology Summit represents the necessary first step on a journey to inform, to ideate and to implement the kind of products, services, mass-market awareness and ease of participation that was responsible for driving the analog photo business to historical levels of sales and profitability.

Who: Leading photo industry executives

Where: Hilton Parc 55, San Francisco, CA

When: Sept. 27-28, 2015

Registration link:

PMA teams with DPReview on PIX2015 to educate consumers on imaging tech

PixScreenshot2-1030x628Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) has partnered with DPReview and PIX2015 to educate consumers about what’s happening in the world of photographic technology. PIX2015: “Experience the World of Photography” will be both a live event held at the Seattle Center Exposition Hall and a live-streamed event via Twitch. With more than 35,000-square-feet of exhibition space with demo stages, interactive touch, try and feel exhibits, and unique shooting experiences, it is designed as the premier event for consumers to experience the world of photography.

Attendees at PIX2015 will have the opportunity to learn the basics they need to choose and use a camera, and they’ll get coaching from professional photographers. PIX2015 will also present attendees with fun, practical demonstrations throughout the show, so they can experience firsthand how to take great photos in a variety of shooting scenarios. They also will be able to try their hand at a new photo technique and discover how the latest technology is transforming image making and sharing, as well as creating innovative photo products. Video highlights of PIX2015 will be made available to all Amazon Prime customers through Amazon Prime Video, and all content will be permanently archived on DPReview, YouTube, Vimeo and other partner sites.

PMA will bring to PIX2015 the “How It’s Made” Creative Lounge & Marketplace. PMA is working with a professional designer to incorporate products created by its members in a beautifully designed space, so consumers can see what it feels like to live with the photo products that exist. Gaby Mullinax, PMA president and president of Fullerton Photographics Inc., will serve as the spokesperson for the marketplace. In addition, PMA will develop a Photo App Bar at PIX2015 for attendees to experience the newest photo apps.

Third-party apps drive mobile photo

Advances in smartphone hardware, APIs and native apps are driving third-party photo app vendors to new frontiers

Reinventing the Camera App Market

Reinventing the Camera App Market

Native smartphone camera apps do much more than enable basic camera functions. These apps include features such as HDR, burst, dual focus/exposure points, exposure compensation and panoramic image capture that were once the exclusive domain, and the main value proposition, of third-party camera apps. While this might appear to doom prospects for these third-party camera apps, Reinventing the Camera App Market, the latest study from mobile-photography research firm Suite 48 Analytics, comes to a different conclusion.

Late last year, Google and Apple substantially enhanced their smartphone camera APIs, giving camera app developers a whole range of opportunities to access the improved capabilities of the newer phones’ hardware, and in doing so differentiate their products from native camera apps. According to the study, numerous apps have already taken advantage of these advanced APIs with many more soon to come.

“As smartphone cameras get better and better, mobile photographers’ expectations for photo quality have likewise increased – they’re demanding better smartphone photo capture tools,” says Hans Hartman, president, Suite 48 Analytics and report author. “For a long time, smartphone photographers were willing to live with lower resolution, grainy, or otherwise low-quality photos, as long as they could still make these photos look enticing through filters from apps like Hipstagram and later Instagram. Going forward, filters are an option for creative expression – not a requirement to make the photos worth keeping or sharing.”

The study concludes the camera app market has become a “long tail” market, served by three main categories of apps:

  • Camera apps offering SLR-like control of the smartphone camera, such as A Better Camera, Camera+, Manual, or ProCamera 8 + HDR.
  • Camera apps focusing on ease-of-use, such as Z Camera and Camera51.
  • Specialized camera apps with specific use cases, such as CamFindFast Burst Camera, Slow Shutter Cam, or Mobile Hidden Camera.

Features offered by third-party camera apps exceeding native-OS camera apps include manual shutter-speed control, extended digital zoom, manual focusing, ISO control, fill-in light, RAW export, stabilizer, semi-automatic presets, screen shutter button, incognito shutter release, EXIF data input, ultra fast burst, composition assistance, manual HDR bracketing, image recognition and on-screen photo capture guidance.

Josephine Herrick Project announces benefit party, photography auction

Amanda Means, Maidenhair Fern, 1990

Amanda Means, Maidenhair Fern, 1990

The Josephine Herrick Project (JHP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating students through the communicative power of photography, will host its annual Benefit Party and Photography Auction, Oct 19,at Affirmation Arts in New York City. Proceeds from the event will help support and sustain the foundation’s extensive community and youth programs which center on photography as a powerful learning and communications tool. The focal point of the evening will center on its live (and online) auction of original photographs from some of the world’s most notable and legendary photographers, whose proceeds represent approximately 25 percent of the foundation’s operating budget to continue funding education programs for adults and children nationwide. In cooperation with Paddle8, a New York-based auction house, art lovers around the world will be able to bid on their favorite photographs online.

“Since 1941, The Josephine Herrick Program has brought the magic of photography to more than 100,000 disadvantaged Americans and the core of its success lies with the unwavered support of the photographic community,” explains Jackie Augustine, president of JHP. “This annual event is a great representation of how artists, manufacturers, and executives from the photo community work together for a common cause.”

Top Speakers announced for 2015 InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit

Renowned industry experts to deliver strategies to drive future success for the photo service and products market

Micah Solomon

Micah Solomon

PMA announced top speakers confirmed to appear at the 2015 InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit Sept. 27-28 in San Francisco, CA. The Summit will host more than 300 photography industry experts and leaders from around the world who will deliver impactful sessions on the theme, Unlock Your Imaging Future: Ideas, Innovations, Icons.
The following innovative and inspiring visionaries in the photo space are scheduled to address the business trends, consumer behaviors and technology innovations needed to keep the photo industry thriving in times of near-constant change.
Micah Solomon, Author and Customer Service Expert, 2015 keynote speaker
Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary at Panasonic and Owner,
Haim Ariav, Founder & Business Manager, Glossy Finish by Lifetouch
Paul Atkins, President, Atkins Lab
Frank Baillargeon, Founder and President, F/22 Consulting, Inc.
Scott Brownstein, Senior Partner, Brownstein & McCabe Associates
Marion Duchesne, Founder/CEO, MediaClip
Dr. Reiner Fageth, Head of Research and Development, CEWE Color
Kevin Gilbert, Panasonic Lumix Luminary and Digital Memory Evangelist, Mylio
Hans Hartman, President, Suite 48 Analytics and Co-Host, Mobile Photo Connect conference
Kristy Holch, Consumer Electronics Writer/Consultant, Founder, InfoTrends
Marion Knoche, Associate Vice President of European Outreach and Global Research, PMA Europe
Andrew Laffoon, CEO, Co-Founder, Mixbook
Gabrielle Mullinax, President, Fullerton Photo and President, Photo Marketing Association
Robert Nunn, Co-Founder, Live Portrait
Joe Rago, Director, Mobile Innovation Program, Walgreens
TJ Rak, Client Relations Manager, Artona Group
Dave Stock, Panasonic Lumix Luminary and Owner, Dave Stock Photography / TeamDSP / Aligned Visions Photography

“Today more than ever, the photo industry needs to come together, share our perspectives, leverage our knowledge and collectively roll up our sleeves to put us back on the path to continued relevance and success,” says Georgia McCabe, CEO, PMA. “We look forward to bringing together a robust group of experts for a substantive discussion around innovative solutions to address key issues facing the photo industry today.”

InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit

What: InnovationNow Photo Business &Technology Summit represents the necessary first step on a journey to inform, to ideate and to implement the kind of products, services, mass-market awareness and ease of participation that was responsible for driving the analog photo business to historical levels of sales and profitability.
Who: Leading photo industry executives
Where: Hilton Parc 55, San Francisco, CA
When: Sept. 27-28, 2015
Sponsorship information: View current sponsors and opportunities

For information on the Summit, visit or call 703-665-4416.

In wake of data breach, PMA calls for industry initiative to provide secure imaging services; InnovationNow is the starting point

PMA Logo new Coulter 2015

In the wake of leading North American mass retailers temporarily shutting down their photo websites due to a reported data breach at a third-party service provider, PMA is calling for an industry initiative to provide consumers with easy-to-use and interoperable platforms enabling photo enthusiasts to experience their memories anywhere, any time and to order innovative picture products securely and efficiently.

“The recent breach brought the online photo business of some of North America’s top brands to complete halt,” says Georgia McCabe, CEO and executive director. “As the only international photo association representing the creative and photo product industries, PMA stands ready to lead and to facilitate the transition to more attractive business and technological solutions.”
At the upcoming  “InnovationNow” Photo Business and Technology Summit, Sept. 27-28, 2015, at the Hilton Parc 55, San Francisco, Calif., PMA will provide a platform for top executives from imaging and retailing companies, independent experts, photographers and Silicon Valley technology firms to discuss new business models for the industry, as well as new and unique ways of serving consumers who experience their pictures on social and mobile networks.
The Background
“When the mass adoption of digital cameras began in 2000, many mass retailers relied on specialty companies to quickly start their online photo retailing activities and without the need to deal with the actual transactions, merchandising models and hosting services,” explains McCabe. “As a result, there has been no mass retailer taking the lead to drive these services forward. This temporary security issue should be taken as a wake-up call highlighting to the whole industry that a comprehensive business model is now long overdue. The rapidly evolving demand for providing relevant services to the exploding population of connected smartphone consumers is only a further call to action.”
The InnovationNow Photo Business and Technology Summit represents the necessary first step on a journey to inform, to ideate and to implement the kind of products, services, mass-market awareness and ease of participation that was responsible for driving the analog photo business to historical levels of sales and profitability.

InnovationNow is designed for leaders in the photo industry, and those who aspire to become industry leaders. Read more about the conference and speakers here. For more information and to register, visit

Be ready for your future with PMA’s InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit

InnovationNow 2015The greatest opportunity you will have this year to take your business to new levels of success is here. PMA announces the InnovationNow Photo Business & Technology Summit, September 27-28, 2015, at Hilton Parc 55 in San Francisco, Calif. – leading into Mobile Photo Connect in San Francisco on September 29.

No one needs to be told that our industry has undergone massive changes, and as technology continues its rapid and relentless march forward, radical and disruptive developments will not stop. It is for this reason that your participation in InnovationNow is critical to the future success of your business. Designed for leaders in the photo industry, and those who aspire to become industry leaders, InnovationNow will gather in one place the people who can help you discover, understand, and apply what you need to know to reinvigorate and drive future success for the photo service and products market in today’s connected world.

Micah Solomon

InnovationNow keynoter Micah Solomon is one of the world’s leading authorities on customer service, company culture, and the customer experience.

Keynoting the conference is Micah Solomon, one of the world’s leading authorities on customer service, company culture, and the customer experience. He’s an award-winning, bestselling author, consultant, and keynote speaker. Solomon is a regular contributor to and his expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, and the Harvard Business Review.

A business leader and entrepreneur himself, Solomon built his own company into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment field and was also an early investor in the technology behind Apple’s Siri.

Among many other top speakers at InnovationNow are:

  • Robert Nunn, co-founder and CEO of Digital Yearbook Page, as well as co-founder of Live Portrait, a service created for professional photographers that uses video to enhance the value of print – instantly turning the client’s photograph into a live video moment that will be cherished for years to come.
  • Dr. Reiner Fageth, Head of Research & Development for CEWE, which boasts 11 highly technical production operations and a staff of around 3,200 employees in 24 European countries.
  • Marion Duchesne, CEO of Mediaclip. Founded in 2005, Mediaclip is a privately-held company headquartered in the heart of Montreal.
  • Kevin Gilbert, an award-winning photojournalist, teacher, entrepreneur, and now Digital Memory Evangelist for Mylio, Gilbert has been shooting news and features of the world for over 30 years.

The conference will include several networking breaks that will allow you the chance to do business and interact with other attendees. In addition, it will feature The Out of the Box Awards, being presented on September 28 – the final evening of InnovationNow and just before the start of Mobile Photo Connect – at a reception being hosted jointly by both conferences. This exciting evening will honor some of the brightest, most innovative and creative thinkers in the photo space as they are recognized for their achievements. Learn how they focused not on challenges, but on solutions, and by doing so created greater opportunities for us all – and leave inspired to think outside the box about your business.

Designed for leaders in the photo industry, and those who aspire to become industry leaders, InnovationNow gathers the people who can help you discover, understand, and apply what you need to know to reinvigorate and drive the future in today’s connected world.

Make the most of this opportunity by attending both InnovationNow and Mobile Photo Connect – a special discount is available for attendees of both events. For more information and to register, visit

We look forward to seeing you there!

PMA announces new strategic direction and initiatives

PMAlogo_CMYK_smallSince early in January, we have been on a mission to determine the best way for PMA to move forward into the future. Our goal has been to recapture the vitality of PMA, and its ability to fulfill the changing needs of the photography industry. With that goal in mind, we have sought input and direction from hundreds of industry members, gathering insight into their business challenges and how PMA can help address them.

With the impassioned support of so many, and in conjunction with a very motivated staff and Executive Committee, we have conducted interviews, scheduled in-person visits and made phone calls. We have attended conferences all over the world; we have surveyed the industry; and we have gathered leading representatives from across the imaging spectrum for a two-day strategic retreat, held last month in Virginia.

All these efforts have provided us with a wealth of information. After carefully analyzing it all, together with the Executive Committee and staff, we have determined four key pillars that will be the cornerstones on which we will build the new PMA. We are delighted to say the PMA Executive Committee voted unanimously, on May 13, 2015, to move forward with this strategic direction.

PMA will:

• Empower businesses to effectively serve and sell to the consumer

We will provide tools and resources to help you build your business, and to increase consumer enthusiasm for photography products, services and equipment. Our goal is to create a better and more direct connection between consumers and service providers.

The first example of this effort is already well underway – it is our National Photo Month website, at This site offers a constantly expanding menu of photography tips and inspiration for consumers, as well as business tools and ready-made marketing materials for our members, to take full advantage of the excitement around National Photo Month. It’s also home to the first in our new series of photo contests. Prizes, awarded at both the professional and the hobbyist level, are worth up to $3,000 in each category. This site has tips and resources that can be used by PMA members internationally, even though its current focus is the U.S. National Photo Month event. After May, the site will transition to a permanent consumer-facing site,, to keep the excitement growing worldwide on an ongoing basis.

Evangelize, advocate and promote overall industry interests

PMA will advocate on behalf on the industry to encourage positive press and government action in favor of photography businesses, developing an outreach strategy for educating and informing federal agencies about the real consumer benefits that flow directly from local businesses. We are already working in this arena, with the help of Don Kennedy from our U.K. office, on preventing the passage of legislation that would allow “selfies” to be used as passport photos. Similar legislation has been proposed in the U.S. and other countries.

• Provide knowledge and expertise, so the photography businesses can grow and thrive

PMA is poised to become the “go-to” resource for any and all photo industry related information. To accomplish this, we are implementing a new, online “knowledge hub” that will offer not only all the valuable content you’re used to finding in PMA Newsline, PMA Magazine, and on the PMA Podcast, but also analyst insights, resources and tools for your business, trend data, and marketing research information and reports from leading industry research firms, and more.

In addition, we are launching a new PMA website that will allow you to connect with the PMA communities you are most interested in. Here you will be able to interact with your colleagues across the entire spectrum of the imaging industry, and in any segment that interests you.

The greatest opportunity for learning and interaction will always be in-person events. PMA is currently planning the first of our next-generation photo business and technology summits, which will take place this fall in California.

• Create, support and promote industry-related guidelines and conventions

PMA will develop common conventions and guidelines that allow open APIs, standards and “future proof” interoperability to remove the barriers to greater consumer action around photo products and services.

In addition, PMA is further developing certification programs and best practice guidelines, as well as a ”train the trainer” program to help you and your staff become an education source for consumers. These will provide significant points of differentiation from your competitors, help you create greater passion for photography in your community, and give your business the edge it needs to grow to higher and higher levels of success.

As you can see, with these initiatives now in place, your PMA staff is already hard at work developing practical tools, resources and events to deliver on the promise they hold. We will continue to expand on these initial objectives as the needs of our members evolve.

We are so excited for the future, and we thank you for your enduring support.

Georgia McCabe         &      Gaby Mullinax
PMA CEO                            PMA President

Speakers signing on for Fall’s Mobile Photo Connect


This year the annual Mobile Photo Connect will “take a deep dive into the driving forces behind today’s unprecedented surge in mobile imaging and visual communication, says organizer Suite 48 Analytics.

The conference moves to a larger venue, the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco’s Presidio Park.

“Mobile Photo Connect brings together entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives active in the global mobile photo and video ecosystem,” the company says, and will feature panel discussions on tomorrow’s use cases, monetizing photo engagement, disrupting through hardware innovation, and taking mobile photo startups through successful exits.

Initial speakers include:

  • Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Head of Product, Flickr
  • Joe Rago, Director Mobile Innovation Program, Walgreens
  • James Joaquin, Co-founder and Managing Director, Obvious Ventures
  • Eric Cheng, Director of Aerial Imaging, DJI
  • Vijay Vachani, Director, Partner Ecosystem, Adobe
  • Oren Boiman, CEO, co-founder, Magisto
  • Jackie Dove, Creativity Editor, The Next Web
  • Jan Senderek, Product Manager, Dropbox
  • Don Strickland, President and CEO, Strickland & Associates
  • Yi Li, CEO, Orbeus

There will also be three show & tell sessions in which 30 app developers will demo their wares.

Mobile Photo Connect is September 29, 2015. PMA is a media sponsor.



International Photographic Council celebrates United Nations 70th anniversary


The Imaging industry joined with United Nations dignitaries to celebrate the UN’s 70th anniversary — and present the International Photographic Council’s Hall of Fame Award.

The award recognizes exceptional leadership and contribution to the imaging industry, and went to Fujifilm chairman and CEO Shigetaka Komori.

Cristina Gallach, the UN’s under-secretary-general for communications and public information, delivered a keynote address, and noted that “We have to tell stories, and as a big believer in the impact of the strong visual, I am convinced that photos are the best way to tell stories. Here, we all have an important role to play. Through your comrades, through the images you capture, you help us convey to the world, the messages of the United Nations.”

IPC and Lifetouch sponsored a UN photo exhibition, We The Peoples, showcasing seven decades of photography; it will open to the public on October 24, 2015 — on UN Day.

The International Photographic Council is a multinational, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, composed of representatives from every major sector of the photographic industry.
Founded in 1974, IPC is dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography as a universal means of communication. IPC’s motto is “Peace Through Understanding, Understanding Through Photography, the Universal Language.” For more information, visit

Photo by Diane Berkenfeld — pictured among the many industry leaders in attendance are PMA’s Georgia McCabe, Gaby Mullinax, Amy Lestition Burke, and Wolfgang Abendroth.