PSPA honors Lynx and IPC Award winners


Paul Schulz of PhotoLynx

At the PSPA/SPAA Welcome Reception held at the start of the PMA 2015 Conferences on Saturday evening, PSPA recognized two individuals who were honored for their contributions to the industry.

Paul Schulz of PhotoLynx presented the Lynx Award to Aric Snyder Sr. of Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co., who was unable to attend the event. The award was accepted on his behalf by his son, Aric Snyder Jr.


Aric Snyder Jr. accepts Lynx Award on behalf of his father, Aric Snyder Sr.

Mark Schoenrock of Lifetouch then recognized past PSPA President Bill Freeman of Freeman Photography, who was honored earlier this year with the 2014 IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Award from the International Photographic Council (IPC).

Cameras & Capture: Upcoming technology for taking better pictures

Photo by Greg Dyro

PMA Newsline is welcoming several guest reporters this week, who are helping the Newsline team cover events taking place at the PMA 2015 Conferences. Thanks to guest reporter Greg Dyro for this item on the AIE Future Imaging Summit Cameras & Capture session held yesterday morning.

Photo by Greg Dyro

Discussing trends in capture and cameras at the AIE Future Imaging Summit. Photo by Greg Dyro.

In a Bally’s conference room full of PMA Conferences attendees, a diverse panel of camera equipment manufacturers spoke about the various aspects of image capture and new technology.  The discussion started off with the observation that we are “The Connected Generation.”

Each of the speakers agreed that as cameras and technology moved forward a seamless connection to all devices would be required.  There was some discussion that the industry is really already mobile, but disagreement on the best way to market (non-mobile phone) cameras. Some on the panel opted for ways to differentiate their products from mobile phone cameras, such as traditional dials and controls in a classic nod to analog cameras; others are investigating more modern, computer style interfaces with the devices they are building. Everyone agreed that the number of images being captured today is larger then anytime in history.  One of the speakers dared to express the thought we all have: that cell phones really are cameras. That is how the public perceives them, and we must embrace this concept and work to maximize the amazing number of images being captured in today’s world, with features like quality optics, traditional controls, touch screens, copper metal sensors, EVF displays, fast lenses, 4K video.  The industry has the ability to improve and provide incredible devices for this new Mobile Lifestyle.

PSPA/SPAA Keynoter Charles Marshall shares advice on success through customer service

Charles Marshall shared insights on customer service
Charles Marshall shared insights on customer service

Charles Marshall shared insights on customer service

The PSPA/SPAA 2015 Conferences began this morning with a keynote address by motivational speaker Charles Marshall on the subject of creating success with extraordinary customer service.

Marshall defined “success” as fulfilling your potential, and said your customer service ethic isn’t something you do, but something that “bleeds into who you are.”

He shared a story of someone who mentored him early in his career in the area of customer service. In his early 20s, Marshall worked in the men’s clothing area of a department store. Another salesman there, James O’Neal, had a remarkable gift for customer service that became a model for Marshall all throughout his life.

“James was the best salesman in the entire store. When you went in the store, James would meet you at the door, welcome you and ask, How can I help? We were on commission, but you never felt like he was trying to sell you anything. He would walk you to the men’s department, asking you questions and learning about you. By the time you got there, he had some suggestions for you. He was sensitive to what you wanted.”

Marshall added, “Everybody went to James. People would ask for him by name, and wait for him if he was not available, because their friends had told them, If you want to be taken care of, you go to James. Customer service was just who he was.”

James exemplified what Marshall has developed into an acrostic of the word “SERVE:”

  • Surprise you customer with excellence — give them the “wow” experience.
  • Evaluate their needs.
  • Respond to their needs.
  • Validate their experience, so they feel they have made they right decision in spending their money with you
  • Express your thankfulness.

Marshall noted that when a customer walks though your door with a problem, you have a golden opportunity. “You have their whole attention and the opportunity for a dialog. They are listening and watching you and waiting for you to mess up,” Marshall said. “Instead, your response is, What can we do to make this right? That’s when true customer service happens. You have a mistake to fix; how do you respond? This is your chance to validate that customer’s choice of doing business with you.”

He added that “the shortest path to poverty is arguing with customers,” and advised against using “push” words, such as the word “no.” “Push stands for provoking unnecessary senseless hostility. Instead, offer options that don’t involve the word no. Remember, the customer is not always right; but they are always the boss.”

Marshall concluded, “Your job is not to create satisfied customers: it is to create customer advocates who will go out and promote you. Be the James O’Neal in your community. This is easy to do, because your competitors are satisfied with mediocrity – but you are not. People are not used to extraordinary customer service. This is why you can have an impact like never before.”

Visionary Awards recognize best new photographic technologies

AIE logo

AIE logoThe Visionary Awards Reception recognizes innovation and excellence in Capture, Social Imaging, Software, and Output.

Sponsored by Mylio, and presented by the Association of Imaging Executives, the Visionary Awards Reception is Thursday, January 8, from 5–6 pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center, rooms S106-S107.

The reception promises to provide you with thought-provoking presentations, important industry recognition — and great networking opportunities to meet new friends and colleagues.

The evening’s agenda features:

• Photographer Joe McNally discussing the importance of preserving our pictures.
• HP Senior Architect Bob Taylor showing the latest in imaging interactivity.

The AIE will then present its Visionary Awards. The nominees are:
Cameras & Capture: Panasonic, Ricoh, DJI, and Instagram.
Sharing & Social Imaging: Snapchat, Facebook, Apple, and Google.
Software & Apps: Mylio, Athentech, Magisto, and Adobe.
Printing & Output: HP Indigo, Mixbook, MediaClip, and Artec Group,
Future Imaging Visionaries: Google, HP, Jaunt, Oculus Rift, Orbeus, and Samsung.

The Visionary Awards reception will be an excellent event for meeting industry leaders — and discovering new directions in imaging.
Attendance is free — but it’s limited to 150 imaging executives! So RSVP today.mylio-black

The Association of Imaging Executives is a PMA member group that helps imaging executives and industry leaders make strategic connections to advance the profitable use of new imaging technologies. 

PMA 2015 Conferences begin with PSPA/SPAA Welcome Reception


The PMA 2015 Conferences began with Saturday evening’s PSPA/SPAA Welcome Reception, which featured several presentations. Be sure to check PMA Newsline for continuing coverage of PSPA/SPAA events, as well as the 2015 AIE Future Imaging Summit, the DIMA 2015 Conference, and the Digital Imaging/Photography Exhibits and Sessions presented by PMA at the 2015 International CES.

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See how to succeed in the Future of Imaging


2015_AIE_button_250x108It’s a tumultuous time for all of us in the photography industry, with constant changes in how people capture, share, print, and enjoy pictures.

To better prepare our businesses, the Future Imaging Summit looks ahead into the next five years of imaging technology and its impact on photography.

What new sensors, processors, and other technology will be in next year’s cameras? What apps, sites, and services will people use to share and view photos? How will they permanently display their favorite shots in albums or wall displays?
At the Future Imaging Summit, top imaging executives will focus on the most important trends and technology coming to market, and look ahead into the next five years of imaging. There are no presentations or sales pitches — just lively debate! To forecast photography’s future, they will participate in four in-depth panel discussions:
• Capture: Upcoming technology for taking better pictures.
• Sharing: Changes in photo viewing caused by online imaging and smartphone sharing.
• Software: Desktop and mobile apps for managing, editing, and enhancing images.
• Output: Tools, techniques, and materials for physical photo display.

mylio-blackThis year’s Summit sponsors include image management developer Mylio; print providers HP Indigo, CeWe Color, Mixbook, Mailpix, Digipix, and Kodak Alaris;  camera makers Panasonic and iON; and software providers Athentech and MediaClip.
Additional speakers from Fujifilm, Imaging Resource, Magisto, muvee, Photo Finale, Ricoh, RPI, ColorCentric, and Samsung are confirmed, with more to come.

The Future Imaging Summit is Jan. 4–5 2015, at Bally’s in Las Vegas — immediately preceding the 2015 PMA trade show during CES.

If you make a living in photography, you can’t miss out on these informative sessions.
Click here to register now!

PMA 2015 Conferences to feature speakers Ed Monahan and Dr. Glenn Omura

Ed Monahan

Ed Monahan

We’ve announced so many exciting speakers for the upcoming PMA 2015 Conferences, but we’re not done yet. The always compelling Ed Monahan of Kodak Alaris, and PMA favorite Dr. Glenn Omura, Associate Dean of MBA and Professional Programs at Michigan State University, will be presenting two of the keynote addresses at the PMA 2015 Conferences, January 4-5, 2015, at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Monahan will offer the PSPA/SPAA Conference closing general session, entitled Finding Your Place in the World of Digital Media and Consumption. Professional photographers face new levels of competition and challenge as consumers find their needs increasingly satisfied with digital photo consumption. Choices and purchases have moved to the web and mobile, and the industry is forced to adapt new products and services to compete. This presentation will lay out the influences most shaping consumer lifestyles and purchasing behavior, speak to the dimensions of memories from prints to publishing to digital media, and identify the elements deemed critical for the industry to capture both photos and consumer spend.

At the DIMA Conference closing general session, Engagement Crisis in the Age of Digital, Dr. Omura will discuss the

Dr. Glenn S. Omura

Dr. Glenn S. Omura

advantage retailers theoretically have over suppliers is their face-to-face interaction with consumers, which is the personal knowledge each has with many consumers who walk in the door. Specialty retailers who successfully create an emotional connection with their consumers during the face-to-face interaction will have loyalty, advocates for the store, and long term profitability. But even with this advantage, the age of digital has physically separated businesses from their consumers. Consumers are buying and ordering via PCs, tablets, and cell phones, and never meet a human representative. Businesses are trying to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social digital techniques and are measuring “engagement” by the number re-tweets, likes, or shares, but this isn’t really emotional engagement like we could have in the store when we are on a face-to-face basis. What should specialty retailers do to build engagement to deliver loyalty, advocacy and profits? Discover what many different kinds of businesses are doing to measure, and more importantly, successfully create consumer engagement.

These presentations are among so many informative, exciting, and inspirational sessions taking place PMA 2015 Conferences, which include the DIMA, PSPA, SPAA, and AIE Conferences at Bally’s on January 4-5, 2015, just prior to the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

To register for these and all the other opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January, visit

Brownstein, Hanson, McNaught and Wood to receive PMA 2015 Distinguished Service Awards


I am delighted to announce four outstanding individuals are being honored with the 2015 PMA Distinguished Service Award in recognition for contributions to PMA and to the photo imaging industry as a whole. Recipients of the 2015 Distinguished Service Award are Scott Brownstein of Brownstein & McCabe; Bob Hanson of Harold’s Photo Experts; Nigel McNaught of PMA UK; and Brian Wood of Photovision. They will be recognized at an awards presentation on Jan. 5, 2015, during the PMA 2015 Conferences at Bally’s Las Vegas, immediately preceding the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Scott Brownstein

Scott Brownstein

Scott Brownstein During his 23 years at Kodak, Scott Brownstein was responsible for many advanced digital products including dye sublimation printing, “Create-A-Print” consumer operated kiosks and finally the Kodak PhotoCD system. In addition, Scott was also the founder and Chief Technolo gy Officer of Fujifilm e-Systems, where he was responsible for the conception and development of advanced digital solutions for the professional and retail markets alike. While at Fuji, he was also the creative force behind 1-hour web-to-retail printing at more than 1,000 camera stores and over 3,500 mass merchandiser locations. He holds 20 U.S. patents. He was the founding president of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, served as a member of the Board of Trustees for PMA, and was also a member of the Board of Directors of PNI. Since leaving Fuji in 2006, Scott has remained active as an independent imaging consultant and visionary to small and large photo industry stakeholders alike.

Bob Hanson

Bob Hanson

Bob Hanson Bob Hanson is the president of Harold’s Photo Experts, which operates four retail photo stores in South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa. Harold’s is a family-owned business that was started in 1910 by Emil Hanson, Bob’s grandfather, as a portrait studio. Bob’s three children are active in the business. Harold’s has been an early adopter and currently operates a central lab with full production capabilities that include film, scanning, wide format printing, press printing, video, sublimation printing, and framing. The company offers a comprehensive online ordering platform and employs a staff of about 60. Bob served as a PMA Territorial Vice President in the 1970s, and was actively involved as a member of PMA’s Retail Local Markets Committee in the 1990s and 2000s. He has also served on the PMA Board of Trustees, and the PMA Executive Committee as both treasurer and vice president. Bob has been a member of the Photographic Research Organization (PRO) for over 40 years, and served on the PRO Board of Directors, on the Executive Committee, and as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Additionally, Bob is a member of Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) and contributed to the development of IPI’s Marketing Services Program.

Nigel McNaught

Nigel McNaught

Nigel McNaught Nigel McNaught spent 50 years working in the photo industry, starting as a shop assistant at a local photo dealer during his youth. He studied the science and technology of photography at University in London, United Kingdom, and his first “real” job was using photography within a research department in the aerospace industry. He joined Polaroid in 1973 as a technical sales rep, and held many subsequent posts, including publicity manager at the time of the patent infringement court case with Kodak. He then headed up the national accounts sales team before moving to Olympus as general manager. Nigel’s career also included an international marketing role with Hope Industries and working with darkroom supplier De Vere before joining PMA as UK Director in 2003. With PMA, Nigel introduced the very popular retail business forum program, which became a regular vehicle for the exchange of ideas. Among the many posts Nigel held over the ensuing 11 years was Chairman of the Skillset Imaging Forum, part of a government initiative to regularize training and qualifications in the creative industries. He also headed the ongoing ID/passport photo campaign for specialty photo retailers, and frequently shared his extensive knowledge of the imaging industry and trends by speaking at sales conferences and meetings. Nigel has also been a regular contributor to a number of photo magazines. Nigel retired from his role at Director of PMA UK in 2014, but says he “is surprised at how many telephone calls he still gets asking his opinion on matters photographic.”

Brian Wood

Brian Wood

Brian Wood Brian Wood fell in love with the photo industry when his parents bought a photo business in Salem, Ore., in 1968, where he began learning to dry and sort prints on a Pako drum dryer. By 1973, he was working after school in both the camera store and the photo lab. In 1977, he took over the photo lab side of the business and soon split it off from the camera store as a separate company. Over the past 35-plus years, he has built the business extensively, while taking the time to serve the industry in many capacities. In 1993, Brian joined IPI, and was invited to join the National Photofinishers Group (NPG), which he served as Chairman in 1996. Three years later, he helped merge NPG with the Buck Rogers Group, and became Chairman of Buck Rogers in 2001. Brian served on the board of IPI from 2006-2011, including positions of US National Chairman in 2006 and Chairman from 2007-2009. In 2008, Brian joined the PMA Executive Board, and served as President of PMA from 2010-2012. Brian currently serves PMA on the Board of Trustees. Register for the PMA 2015 Official Business Session on Jan. 5, where Scott, Bob, Nigel and Brian will receive their award, as well as all the other exciting sessions and opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January, by visiting

PMA announces Opening Keynote speaker Charles Marshall, who will “dare you to dazzle” your customers


DigitalImagingPhotography_700x258If you need to get all fired up and start feeling the excitement of being in this business again, look no further — Charles Marshall is just what you need. Marshall, Opening Keynote speaker at the PMA 2015 Conferences, January 4, 2015, at Bally’s Las Vegas, has been bringing his humorous motivational presentations to audiences for more than 20 years.

In his opening keynote address, Creating Success with Extraordinary Customer Service, Marshall will examine common business blunders and questionable customer service practices that prevent companies from growing. In an often hilarious, and always insightful, examination of businesses of all sizes, Charles will share what makes good customer service work, and what makes bad customer service disastrousCharles Marshall.

Good customer service never happens accidentally. It is imperative to create a corporate culture that is serious about putting the customer first. “Delivering the goods” and creating brand loyalty is a priority. Marshall will challenge you to dare to dazzle your customers by engaging the “The Wow Factor!”

His animated delivery and original observations have captivated more than a thousand audiences. He is the author of several books, including The Seven Powers of Success and I’m Not Crazy But I Might Be A Carrier. He has also produced and performed two full-length comedy videos, Fully Animated and I’m Just Sayin’!

Marshall’s opening keynote address is just one of many can’t-miss sessions at the PMA 2015 Conferences, which include the DIMA, PSPA, SPAA, and AIE Conferences at Bally’s on January 4-5, 2015, just prior to the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  To register for this and all the exciting sessions and opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January, visit

Learn “What’s the problem?” — and the solution, with Brownstein session at PMA 2015 Conferences

Scott Brownstein

DigitalImagingPhotography_700x258If you have been in this industry long, or know anything about the visionaries in the field of imaging over the past few decades, then you surely know of Scott Brownstein, who will be the featured Official Business Session speaker at the PMA 2015 Conferences on Jan. 6, 2015, at Bally’s Las Vegas, just prior to the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Scott Brownstein

Scott Brownstein

Brownstein, who holds more than 20 patents, spent 23 years at Kodak, where he developed many advanced digital products, including dye sublimation printing, “Create-A-Print” consumer operated kiosks, and the Kodak PhotoCD system. In addition, he was the founder and Chief Technology Officer of FujiFilm e-Systems, and was also the creative force behind one-hour web-to-retail printing at more than 1,000 Ritz Camera stores and more than 3,500 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations. Among many other accomplishments, Scott was also the founding president of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association.

During this dynamic session, intriguingly called “What’s the Problem?,” Brownstein will provide insights to the challenges facing the imaging industry today, and offer his unique perspective on moving forward into a bright future.

“What are our industry’s best ideas for enhancing customers’ digital imaging journeys? Where do the solutions lie?” Brownstein will tackle these tough questions and others, and present his discerning take on how we can ensure the photo industry will remain an evolving sector with significant opportunities. Consumers are more photo-active than ever – so what’s the problem? Come and discover the answer, and more importantly, learn what we need to do about it.

As previously announced, author Colby B. Jubenville, PhD, and imaging industry/retailing expert Bill McCurry will be the sharing the stage at the other PMA 2015 Conferences Official Business Session, being held Jan. 5 at Bally’s.

Be sure to register soon for this and all the other exciting sessions and opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January.