Mobile Photo Connect adds workshops

mobile conference

mobile photo connectThe Mobile Photo Connect conference expands in 2014 with a second day focused on workshops from vendors with relevant APIs and SDKs.

The overall summit will focus on how photo app developers, imaging vendors, mobile device manufacturers, and others in the ecosystem can create innovative solutions.

Topics for the conference include photo organizing, mobile photography startups, storytelling, and the popular photo app Show & Tell.

PMA’s Association of Imaging Executives is a sponsor.
Speakers include Ralf Gerbershagen, CEO of Kodak Alaris; Chris Lee, the product manager for photos at Dropbox; Rudy Burger, managing partner at Woodside Capital; and Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto.

The conference is October 15-16 at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

More information is here.


Get your events in front of photo enthusiasts — for free — in The Big Photo Show community


TheBigPhotoShow_verticalAs you’ve all heard, The Big Photo Show in Los Angeles was a huge success, drawing thousands of people to photo shoots, demos, workshops, and exhibits.

Luckily, millions of photo enthusiasts around the globe don’t have to wait for a local PMA consumer event or even live near one. They can visit 24/7 year round, and share their passion for photography, enter contests featuring great prizes, and enjoy videos and articles from photography experts like Erin Manning, Mark Comon and Duane Cassone.

They’re also looking for photo events, classes, and manufacturer demo/shoots: add yours to the Event Calendar so photo enthusiasts can see what’s happening near them.

It’s easy – just create a free basic account and then add your details to the Calendar of Events while logged in.

We’re delighted to provide The Big Photo Show website as one of our many member benefits, connecting our PMA members with photo enthusiasts and promoting the photo-imaging industry worldwide. Be sure to spread the word to all your customers!

More on PMA Australia’s Educational Photo Expos

Photo Expo 2014 Banner

Photo Expo 2014 BannerWe recently shared news about PMA Australia’s Educational Photo Expos, being held soon in Brisbane and Melbourne. Teds, Camera House and a number of other retailers will be joining in the expos,  coming together to run two one-day education events.  The aim is to engage the consumers in learning about techniques to produce better images and enjoy their imaging experience.

“The days of placing an advertisement and hoping consumers will kneeling woman with camerareact are long gone. We realize the need to engage the consumer in the fun of imaging making. With the support of Canon and Nikon as well as a group of lecturers from the industry, we aim to present eight lectures and experiences for the consumers to participate in,” said Mark Alderson of Camera House – Raleru Ltd.

Retailers will be selling via their websites on the day, as well as taking orders on special offers that will be made available to consumers who attend.

The concept of a low cost consumer event will only work if the retailers and supplier support the event, which will be a template for future industry events.

“We have moved from the box phase into the hobby phase and need to adjust our approach. This is a great time for the specialist sellers to work on a longer engagement with consumers.  I appreciate the support offered by PMA to do back office work that allows competing retailers to work together in this way,” Alderson said.

Details regarding the events can be found on

The July/August issue of PMA magazine is now available


Magazine_issue072014_700x454The July/August issue of PMA Magazine – Connecting the Imaging Communities is live and online.

In this issue, discover the excitement of The Big Photo Show LA 2014! Read about all the opportunities this event, held in May, brought to photo enthusiasts and imaging businesses; check out interviews with attendees; and read (and even watch) interviews with exhibitors.

In addition, this issue revisits retailers we interviewed a year ago about getting consumers to make prints and photo products from mobile images. Discover what a huge difference a year has made in technology, ease of use, and big profits.

Also in this issue:

  • Hans Hartman of Suite 48 Analytics reveals trends in mobile photography and output
  • LifePics is betting on 3D printing
  • The 2014 AIE Future Imaging Summit panel on output explains current trends
  • Panasonic’s Darin Pepple explains how 4K and hybrid photography are changing the game
  • How the Tran family escaped terrors in Cambodia – then built one of the most successful imaging businesses in Australia
  • In the U.K., The Photography Show picks up where Focus on Imaging left off

DIMA 2015 and 2015 PMA@CES call for speakers deadlines July 15


PMA@CES_logo_vertical-300x257Have some great ideas or strategies to share? Here’s the chance to do so! PMA has extended the deadline for applications for DIMA 2015 and 2015 PMA@CES Conference speakers until July 15. Proposed topics should fall in one of the following categories: retail strategy, photo publishing, consumer video, camera phone imaging, social media, or professional imaging.

Interested speakers can complete the application form  available at by June 30, 2014. Questions? Email Jeff Frazine at

DIMA 2015, part of the PMA 2015 Conferences, will be held Jan. 4-5, 2015 at Bally’s Las Vegas. The 2015 PMA@CES Conference is Jan. 6-8, 2015, at Las Vegas Convention Center – South Hall, Las Vegas, Nev.

PMA Australia Educational Photo Expos coming to Brisbane and Melbourne


photo-expo-header-with-boxe2Helping PMA members Down Under capitalize on the hunger for photography education among consumers, PMA Australia, with support from Canon and Nikon, is holding two Educational Photo Expos: one in Brisbane on August 23, followed by one in Melbourne on September 6 — with additional expos to follow in 2015

The PMA Australia office is asking photo businesses in those states to sign up quickly for a table, and begin spreading the word about the events to customers.

“The Big Photo Show held in Los Angeles last month again demonstrated the power of education in creating sales. Sessions ran for two days, creating an ongoing stream of customers for the retailers who participated. Glynn Lavender‘s presentations were, as usual, very popular. Plans are already underway to hold a similar event in LA in 2015 as well as planning single day educational events in other areas of the USA,” said Peter Rose, director of PMA Australia.

“We all know life’s ‘major events’ are tremendous drivers for our industry. Believe me, my joy of sharing great photos has been reignited!!” said Rose, who recently welcomed a grandchild. “Family, parents, grandparents and friends all thirst for those latest shots of their loved ones. Our industry owes them all access to your knowledge on not only how to take better pictures but how best to share them. Many of us assume this knowledge comes naturally. It doesn’t — and the future survival of our specialty channel relies on our ability to share this skill. [This is] the rationale behind our Educational Photo Expos.”

Exhibitors share their experiences at The Big Photo Show LA

Mark Comon of Paul's Photo said, "Los Angeles is a big market and our store is down in a tiny little corner of LA, so we get to reach all these new people here… That's what makes The Big Photo Show work for Paul's Photo and the Creative Photo Academy."

The Big Photo Show LA was held May 17-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, TheBigPhotoShow_dates_250x223where thousands and thousands of photo enthusiasts, advanced amateurs and professional photographers gathered to visit exhibits, purchase products, get inspired and learn new photography skills.

I had the opportunity to interview several of the exhibitors over the course of the two-day show. (A video of these interviews will soon be available on Youtube. We will announce the video in PMA Newsline when it has been posted.)

This is what they had to say:

“It was a great first day and we’re expecting a real good response again today at the show. The customers are coming in, taking classes, seeing what they want to buy – and then turning around and coming to our booth and buying,” said Dave Dimont from Samy’s Camera.

Attendees purchase equipment at the Samy's Camera booth

Attendees purchase equipment at the Samy’s Camera booth

“This year versus last year, we’re finding a much higher quality level of photo enthusiasts,” Dimont added. “[The attendees this year are] people who have made an investment in the category of photography, who want to come in and learn more about their equipment, how to use it, and what are some of the new accessories and products to go along with it.”

Dimont also said one of the exciting things about The Big Photo Show is introducing new customers to the Samy’s Camera brand for the first time.  “We’re seeing people who have never been into our store before. They are coming in and seeing our names and the vendors that we carry, and the products we have, and they are saying, Wow, we didn’t even know you were here.”

He added that accessories were selling particularly well at The Big Photo Show. “Today has been a lot about accessories. People have cameras already, but they want to take better pictures with them. So, lighting, flashes, LED, tripods, creative filters – all the things to take more and better pictures – have really been what’s most exciting.”

Samy’s also took advantage of The Big Photo Show to introduce its new underwater photography category to photographers in Southern California.

The Tamron booth was constantly packed with attendees all throughout the show. Tamron’s Jeff

Tamron's Jeff Allen said "We're seeing new customers, as well as customers who have been familiar with us – and that's the great thing about The Big Photo Show."

Tamron’s Jeff Allen said, “We’re seeing new customers, as well as customers who have been familiar with us – and that’s the great thing about The Big Photo Show.”

Allen said, “It’s going great. We are thrilled to be here. The attendance has been fantastic. We’re making a lot of new friends and meeting old friends.”

Of particular interest to Big Photo Show attendees were two new lenses from Tamron. “Everybody wants to see the 150-600mm. It’s been phenomenally well received and the factory can’t build them fast enough. We also this week began shipping our new 16-300mm lens for the APS-C size sensors, and again, they’ve been phenomenally well received. Everybody is asking to see them, and they are getting on waiting lists with the dealers for them.”

Allen said The Big Photo Show is allowing Tamron to interact with both first-time and existing customers. “We’re seeing new customers, as well as customers who have been familiar with us – and that’s the great thing about a Big Photo Show like this. We get to speak to a lot of people who maybe don’t know our brand and don’t realize what Tamron brings to the table in terms of value in our products and a variety of things for a variety of photographers.”

The Sony booth featured a live model and set, so attendees could try Sony equipment on the spot.

The Sony booth featured a live model and set, so attendees could try Sony equipment on the spot.

The Sony booth, which featured a live model and set, so attendees could try Sony equipment right then and there, was also bustling all throughout the show.

Sony’s John Bruehl said, “The show is going really well for us this year. We’ve had a lot of individuals come who have purchased Sony products in the past, but what we’re really seeing, which is really important for us, is individuals coming in who know what they want, and they are looking at what we call ‘premium products,’ which really is what Sony is focused on.

“We’ve had lot of activity in regards to our new a7S, which was recently announced, and we just announced a price this past week. Also our brand new RX100, the M3. We actually have the only two samples in the country here, that are being shown here to consumers for the very first time. And the other thing, which Sony is making significant inroads in, is our Action Cam division,” he continued.


“We’ve had a lot of individuals with our full frame products who have purchased the a7 and a7R, and we’ve had individuals come and purchase their second or their third lens, they have purchased a grip, or they bought other accessories,” Bruehl said. “But we’re also seeing that people who are purchasing product, are really making a considerable expense — because when you’re talking about a full frame lens, it’s about $1,000. But they are seeing the value in it… If they truly see value in it, if they see the quality in the images that come out of it, they willing to make the investment.”

Like Samy’s Dave Dimont and Jeff Allen from Tamron, Bruehl also said Sony was seeing new, first-time customers at The Big Photo Show.

“Quite frankly, we’ve seen quite a few people. We do see them with a competitor’s products walking up, and obviously there have been a lot of alliances where some customers have been with another brand for many years. But I think what they are starting to recognize is, the technology that we’re showing is totally brand new technology. It’s not technology that has been around for a while and is just being repurposed a little bit differently,” he said.

Just as there are two sides to Mark Comon’s business – Creative Photo Academy and Paul’s Photo – there were two sides to his exhibit at The Big Photo Show. Comon, along with two members of his Creative Photo Academy staff, were also instructors in The Big Photo Show Education Theaters.

“The Creative Photo Academy is all about inspiring people, and letting photography come home so that they can tell their story. We had two busting out [education] sessions [taught by] me, and two of our other instructors had busting out sessions all day, full to capacity. We’ve had the shooting zones, the learning zone, and all my people at the Creative Photo Academy team teaching, inspiring and making photography work for people.”

After the sessions, Comon said, “They come to the booth, they ask questions, they want the notes, the tip sheets, and hopefully, they sign up for classes and trips and join us.”

The Creative Photo Academy side of the booth helped drive traffic to the store side, and vice versa, Comon said. “It’s a symbiosis. We’d love to just sell classes, but we can’t sell classes without cameras, and we can’t sell cameras without classes. So it all goes together.”

Mark Comon of Paul's Photo said, "Los Angeles is a big market and our store is down in a tiny little corner of LA, so we get to reach all these new people here… That's what makes The Big Photo Show work for Paul's Photo and the Creative Photo Academy."

Mark Comon of Paul’s Photo said, “Los Angeles is a big market and our store is down in a tiny little corner of LA, so we get to reach all these new people here… That’s what makes The Big Photo Show work for Paul’s Photo and the Creative Photo Academy.”

Just like the academy side, the retail store side was very busy throughout the show: “It’s been cram-packed, jam-packed, all day long,” Comon said. “We’ve had customers in the store side, and it’s great to have both sides, so we can work together on that. Cameras, lenses, and accessories have been going really well. We’ve sold some lighting, and of course everything that the speakers talk about, that’s what we really concentrated on having here. What’s interesting is, with the speakers and the sessions, we’re trying to help people fulfill those dreams and get the pictures they learned about today.”

Comon said about 90 percent of the people visiting his booth were first-time Paul’s Photo customers.

“That’s why we do The Big Photo Show. There are new customers coming in. Los Angeles is a big market and our store is down in a tiny little corner of LA, so we get to reach all these new people here… And that’s great. That’s what makes The Big Photo Show work for Paul’s Photo and the Creative Photo Academy. The Big Photo Show rocks!”

attendees at shooting zone

From live models to famous vehicles, there were many shooting opportunities to allow attendees to practice their new skills and try out new equipment.

The Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) also had a booth at The Big Photo Show. Founder Cathi Nelson said, “It’s been a great day. We’ve been non-stop busy all day. We’ve had steady traffic and a lot of interest. I think we’re at the tipping point. I think if I was here two or three years ago, telling people, We’re here to help you manage your lifetime of photos or as a career opportunity to do that for others, people would have that glassy-eyed look. But today, the people are here saying, This is brilliant. I can’t believe you thought of this. What a great idea.

“Part of the reason we are here is to promote [photo organization] as a profession, that we have best practices, a strong code of ethics, and people are saying, Wow, this might be a business opportunity, or a niche to add within an existing business. If they are a semi professional photographer or something like that, they realize they can assist their clients in more ways than they thought they could. So it’s been a win-win in both ways for us,” Nelson said.

Another exhibitor at The Big Photo Show was California Center for Digital Arts. At their booth, David LaNeve and Scott Robert Lim were delighted with the response they were getting from attendees.

“It’s going great. We have a learning center for photographers, for beginning photography all the way up to training professional photographers. We have a variety of classes, from studio lighting to on-location lighting to portraiture to whatever, from Basic Camera 101, all the way up. We have an iPhone class. We have it all. That’s why we’re here; we’re here to promote the school, and to show LA what we’re about,” LaNeve said. “We’ve had people fly out from other states to take our classes, but this is the first time we have come out locally and said, Hey, look at us, we’re here. And we have had overwhelming success. We are so happy.”

"Giving the sessions on that main theater stage gives me lots of visibility. Everyone is there watching, and they have actually chased me down throughout the show to find out more and to come back to the booth. That's been great. We have sold lots of product here today because of people seeing me on the main stage." said Erin Manning.

“Giving the sessions on that main theater stage gives me lots of visibility. Everyone is there watching, and they have actually chased me down throughout the show to find out more and to come back to the booth. That’s been great. We have sold lots of product here today because of people seeing me on the main stage,” said Erin Manning.

Photographer and TV personality Erin Manning was one of the Education Theater instructors at The Big Photo Show, and she also worked at the Westcott booth, which was selling both Westcott and Erin Manning branded products.

“The show is going great!” she said. “Giving the sessions on that main theater stage gives me lots of visibility. Everyone is there watching, and they have actually chased me down throughout the show to find out more and to come back to the booth. That’s been great. We have sold lots of product here today because of people seeing me on the main stage. We are selling the home studio lighting kit, and that’s always a good seller, and my new Pocket Pack that just came out. It’s a little pack and inside is a reflector and a diffuser… Inside the pack also comes a little pocket guide with tips. This has sold well. It has a good price point, only $19.95.

People are also buying light,” Manning continued. “It really is all about the light. We have great lighting kits here, modifiers, and ways to reflect and diffuse it. People are discovering how to work with light, and having a beautiful model here [at The Big Photo Show] that they can photograph, and see their own pictures on their camera, helps empower them and get them enthused about coming and learning even more.”

Attendees find opportunities and products at The Big Photo Show


The Big Photo Show continues today in Los Angeles, with photo enthusiasts from throughout the Southern California area coming to learn and discover. Here’s a look at what a few of them had to say:

Sandy Brenneman and Heather Hover

Amateur photographers Sandy Brenneman (left) and Heather Hover

“This is our first time coming to The Big Photo Show. I saw a post about it on Facebook, and I got so excited. I told my mom, ‘Come on, let’s go, let’s go!’” said Heather Hover, who attended with her mother, amateur photographer Sandy Brenneman.  Heather has nicknamed her mom “Paparazzi” because of Sandy’s constant picture-taking.

“This show has been fabulous,” Sandy said. “It’s been very educational — it’s a world of knowledge, coming here. It’s been a blast. I love photography, and I have been into photography since I was about 10 years old.”

Heather added, “I’m just becoming an amateur photographer, and  I’ve been following my mom’s lead. She gave me a fabulous camera a few months ago, and since then I’ve been getting more interested in taking photos.”

Heather and Sandy attended two education sessions, one on lighting, and one on black-and-white photography. “We missed the class on organizing your photos, but we are going to come back tomorrow, so we will catch it then.”

They also purchased a book and an instructional DVD by Erin Manning. “We might be purchasing some equipment while we are here; Mom has been looking at some lenses,” Heather commented.

Gabriel Gastelum

Professional photographer Gabriel Gastelum

“I love this show,” Sandy said. “It’s really all about growing as a photographer. There’s an education process here, if you go to all the seminars. I was happy to see there are advanced classes too, so I can come back next year and build even more on the new skills I learned this year. I will definitely be back next year. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Professional photographer Gabriel Gastelum is also a first-time attendee. “My friend brought me to The Big Photo Show for my birthday: it was my gift. I am a professional photographer, and I do portrait, lifestyle and weddings. I’m finding a lot of great products here. I’ve already bought a couple of accessories for my new GoPro, and a shirt, and I want to buy a lens. I will see what else is available here, too. I’m just getting started.”

Amateur photographer Jerrold Brandon, also a first-time attendee, said he learned of The Big Photo Show from

Jerrold Brandon

Jerrold Brandon

Tamron. “I ordered some lenses from Tamron, and I’m on their email list. They said there was going to be a Big Photo Show and I said, ‘Okay, that sounds great.’”

Brandon said he has been shooting for about 2 1/2 years, and considers himself an amateur photographer. He wanted to come to The Big Photo Show for the education opportunities, and to purchase new equipment.

“I took advantage of the light class, and the photo shoots you have going on. There is lots of informational stuff. Some of the software I’ve found here is really interesting. The software vendors have some really neat stuff,” he said. “In terms of hardware, I have already bought a couple of items here, a new bag and a Tamron 150-600, and now I’m going to go look for a filter for my new lens.  I knew there was going to be stuff to buy here, but  I didn’t have any specific things in mind to purchase when I got here. But I saw this lens and it’s hard to find, so I bought it. There are some good deals here.

“Every time I turn around, I want something new, and then I want something else new, and then it’s

Nayanika Barker and Kevin Carasco

Nayanika Barker and Kevin Carasco

three cameras later, and I don’t know how many lenses later… it’s just great. I love photography. It’s a great hobby,” Brandon said.

Nayanika Barker has been an amateur photographer for about three years; her companion at

The Big Photo Show, Kevin Carasco, has been an amateur photographer for 30 years.

“This is our first time coming to the show,” Nayanika said. We found out about it on Facebook. I saw a blurb last year. I follow a bunch of photography Facebook pages and one of them mentioned it, and I was annoyed because I had missed it. So I liked the page on Facebook so I could track it this time. So far today, we have been to a couple of presentations, and we have been wandering the aisles gathering information.”

Lezlie Franklin

Lezlie Franklin

Attendee Lezlie Franklin said, “I would describe myself as an emerging pro. This is my second time at The Big Photo Show. Last year was exciting. It was the first time I had ever gone to a photography show. This year, I’m only half way through, but it’s the same excitement. I’m here to see Peter Read Miller. I’m here for the education. I’m here to get some deals. I want to make some contacts, and meet some friends.”

Also attending The Big Photo Show for the second time is Frank

Quezada. “I had a lot of fun last year and I learned a lot. I came to

Frank Quezada

Frank Quezada

some of the classes and bought a couple of products, like Sigma lens, and I wanted to come back again. I haven’t bought anything here yet today, because I just got here an hour ago, and all I’ve done so far is go to an education session. It was the one on taking travel pictures. The lady who was teaching it was fantastic. I will be attending some of the other sessions too — but  first I want to look at everything that’s available and see what’s here. I might be looking at some lighting to purchase,” he said.

Quezada said he considers himself an advanced photographer. “I’m not a pro yet, more of a very serious hobbyist. I love to take pictures of everything, especially people.”

The Big Photo Show LA opens


The Big Photo Show LA began today, with many thousands of photo enthusiasts, amateur and pro photographers coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center to visit exhibitors, discover and buy new products, and hone their skills. The event continues tomorrow.


Attendees discover the latest innovations in Tamron lenses.


Attendees check out new products from Sony.

Buying new equipment on the show floor

Buying new equipment on the show floor


Education sessions offered instruction on an array of photography techniques.

Education sessions offer instruction on an array of photography techniques.


In the Photo Shooting Zone, attendees photograph live models, side-by-side with pros who offer tips on lighting, posing, and more.

What not to miss at The Big Photo Show LA


TheBigPhotoShow_dates_250x223 The Big Photo Show is almost here! Wondering what will be happening at this incredible event for everyone who loves photography? Check out this announcement we’re sending out today, which offers an overview of all the happenings this coming weekend at The Big Photo Show, at the Los Angeles Convention Center:

If you love taking pictures – whether it’s your job, your hobby, your art, or your method of preserving memories – there is nowhere else to be May 17-18 than The Big Photo Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center in West Hall A.

This event has so much to offer, and you won’t want to miss a thing. Be sure to bring your camera, and take part in all these exciting opportunities:


You’ve seen their work on TV, in the newspaper, and on the covers of some of the best-known magazines in the world – now you can learn from them in person. The Big Photo Show is bringing many of the most renowned professional photographers in the world together, to teach you the tricks of their trade. Presenting more than 40 education sessions, for people at all levels of ability and experience, is an incredible slate of highly accomplished pro photographers, including former White House photographer and chief photographer for The Washington Times, and photographer for The Discovery Channel and Mark Burnett Productions, Kevin Gilbert; Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller, who has also shot for Time, Life, People, Money, Playboy, Runners World, Newsweek, USA Weekend and The New York TimesJefferson Graham of USA TodayErin Manning, host of the DIY Network’s The Whole Picture, who has also appeared on NBC’s TODAY, CBS’ The Early Show, That Morning Show on E!; and many others.

All events and all beginner/intermediate education sessions are included in the $25 ticket price. Specialized and advanced level classes are available for $49 per session; $149 for a full day (4 sessions); or $199 for two full days (8 sessions).


The Big Photo Show presents exhibits from many top photography manufacturers and dealers. This is your chance to see, touch and try the latest innovations in imaging – while speaking face-to-face with the people who produce them. When you find that perfect item you just can’t live without, you can step down the aisle to any of several exhibits from the best stores and photo labs from throughout Southern California, who will be offering great Big Photo Show deals. Come and meet companies and dealers like Sony, Panasonic, Sigma, Fujifilm, Tamron, Bay Photo, Calagaz Photo, Diversified Imaging Supply, Forever, Fullerton Photographics, Hoodman, Macphun Software, Nations Photo Lab, Powell Camera, Athentech, ToCAD, Woodland Hills Camera, Samy’s Camera, Paul’s Photo, Tuttle’s Camera, Silvio’s Photoworks, and Fromex Photo & Digital, among many others. Several exhibitors will have exciting events going on in their booths, such as product and technique demonstrations, book signings, well-known pros you can meet, raffles, and other special attractions. Check out what’s happening on the exhibitor page.

Shoot live models with the pros

At The Big Photo Show, you will have the chance to photograph live models in The Photo Shooting Zone, side-by-side with leading professional photographers, who will be sharing tips and tricks on posing, lighting, and other strategies to help attendees get the perfect shot. Hone your skills in different photography styles, with models portraying scenes including Film Noir, “American Idol,” Burlesque and Tokyo Fashion.

Discover breathtaking ways to display photos

See the possibilities in the Creative Photo Product Zone. Here you will find everything you never knew was possible to do with your images. Whether you want to make photo gifts, decorate your home with your images, or make compelling products to sell, you will surely be inspired in The Big Photo Show’s Creative Photo Product Zone.

In the Take It To The Wall Zone, you will find the most beautiful and innovative framing and design techniques. Professional framers – all members of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) – will show you how to display your photos with dazzling framing designs from contemporary to traditional. They will also provide mat-cutting demonstrations to show you the difference mat boards make when highlighting and preserving photos.

Photography basics and troubleshooting

Are you a beginner? Then don’t miss The Learning Centers, which allow you to explore the building blocks of photography. The principals of aperture and shutter speed come into clear focus with simple exercises. Learn how to use f-stop and shutter speed effectively.

If you’re having a specific problem with your photography or your equipment, you need a visit to the Photo Doctor Zone. There, the “doctor” will diagnose your problem and show you how to take full advantage of everything your camera can do.

So much more

Among many additional show highlights are:

  • The Popular Photography and American Photo Magazine booth, where Nikon pro David Tejada will share his lighting techniques using the Speedlight system. He will also speak about his travel photos taken on the Mentor Series.
  • Love cars? Check out Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Car Showcase, sponsored by Sony and provided by LA’s premiere build house, Picture Car Warehouse. Fireball Tim has designed some of the most recognizable vehicles in the world, creating cars and motorcycles for companies like Disneyland and Universal Studios. You have seen his vehicles in Avengers, Priest, Knight Rider, Batman, Son of the Mask, Pitch Black, Jurassic Park, X-Men, Gone in 60 Seconds and more than 400 other movies and TV programs. Fireball will teach a Car Photography Seminar each day of The Big Photo Show at 11:30 a.m.
  • Portraits of Love – a project developed by the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) and the USO, will have volunteer professional photographers on site at The Big Photo Show to take free portraits of the families and loved ones of U.S. military members. Through a partnership with Shutterfly, the portraits will be printed and delivered to members of the U.S. military all over the world, all at no cost.
  • In addition, Popular Technology RadioPopular Science Radio and Working Mother Radio, as well as several favorite LA stations, will be broadcasting live, onsite from The Big Photo Show. You can also see some of the most compelling images ever captured, in the United Nations Photo Exhibition, presented by the International Photographic Council (IPC), as well as the photos that won The Big Photo Show Seriously Fun Photography Photo Challenge. And, if you’ve got cameras and accessories to sell, bring them. There will be used equipment dealers at The Big Photo Show looking to buy items you no longer need.

There is so much to this great event – check out to see it all, and to buy tickets for only $25. Tickets are available here: