On the PMA Podcast: PMA Official Business Sessions speakers Colby Jubenville and Bill McCurry


PMApodcast_icon_sqColby Jubenville says being unique, agile and fast is paramount to your success in business. The co-author of “Zebras and Cheetahs,” he has suggestions to help you rethink your approach to being unique. This episode of the PMA Podcast features Jubenville on the McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange. Listen and discover that just as every zebra has unique stripe patterns, every successful business can use its strengths and collective passion to be unique. On January 4, 2014, spend some time with both Colby Jubenville and Bill McCurry at the Official Business Session during the PMA 2015 Conferences at Bally’s Las Vegas. Get ready to kick start your business to move at cheetah speed with agility to respond to whatever 2015 holds for your organization.

Five reasons to attend Mobile Photo Connect

mobile photo connect

mobile photo connect

Hey, the fact that we’ll be there isn’t on the list – what gives, Hans? : )

PMA is a media sponsor for the conference this month that “offers unique learning and networking opportunities for senior executives in the mobile photography industry.”

1. Conference chair Hans Hartman says his Mobile Photo Connect will let you “network with movers and shakers from key mobile, imaging and photo app vendors shaping the mobile photo business.”
Among the top companies going are Adobe, Carnival Cruise Lines, CEWE, Dropbox, Ecce Terram, Fujifilm, HTC, Kodak Alaris, Lifepics, Magisto, Mailpix, Mediaclip, Mosaic, RPI, and Walgreens.

2. The summit will feature four panel discussions on photo organizing, storytelling, funding mobile photography startups, and profiting in photos.

3. There will also be live demos of 33 photo apps, and 4., a panel of imaging industry investors.

5. World-renowned photographer Doug Menuez will present a first-hand account of how Steve Jobs and other leading innovators of the Digital Revolution struggled, failed, sacrificed and succeeded. “This photo-rich session will be more than a reflection on a fascinating past – it will be a source of insight and inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs attending the Mobile Photo Connect conference.”

The Mobile Photo Connect executive conference is October 15, 2014, at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

There’s more information here.


Discover how to be zebra-unique and cheetah-agile at the PMA 2015 Official Business Session


image005Take a walk on the wild side — wild success in your business, that is.

PMA announces Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D., author of the book Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile To Survive The Business Jungle, and imaging industry/retailing expert Bill McCurry will be sharing the stage at the first of two Official Business Sessions being held at Bally’s Las Vegas on January 5-6, 2015, as part of the PMA 2015 Conferences.

This keynote address, called Look Different. Run Faster. Win Bigger, is based on Jubenville’s book, and promises to show attendees how to be superstars in the imaging industry. To be better known and better understood, you have to begin with a unique perspective and mindset. To look different, you must understand your unique value and communicate with emotion. To run faster, you must embrace the “Coaching Revolution” and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.

The interactive session will explain the philosophy found in Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile To Survive The Business Jungle. You’ll discover imaging industry examples of organizations that look different and stay agile because they are Zebra Different and Cheetah Fast. You will leave with focus, clarity and direction about how to be a superstar in your life and business.

Jubenville is an accomplished entrepreneur, inventor, author, speaker and professor. He holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University and is Principal of Red Herring Innovation and Design, an agency specializing in helping people and organizations become better known, better understood, and better understand the unique value they deliver, and is also founder of QRTechnologies, an intellectual property firm that specializes in creating and delivering learning materials that fulfill education and marketing needs resulting in faster adoption and greater retention of knowledge.

McCurry travels the English-speaking world listening to imaging leaders. He consistently brings back to his audiences proven strategies that break new ground and show the path to greater success. Bill was inducted into the PMA Hall of Fame in 2012. He has more than 100 Marketing Idea Exchanges on www.DIMAcast.com and helped launch the new www.PMAPodcast.org. PMA Newsline carries his weekly written Marketing Idea Exchange. He has written four books for PMA, had his own business radio talk show, consults and lectures across the globe. Most importantly, he has passion for independent business owners to succeed and flourish. His goal is your success.

The PMA 2015 Conferences are being held at Bally’s, just prior to the Digital Imaging/Photography Conference and Marketplace, presented by PMA, at 2015 International CES in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

To register for this and all the exciting sessions and opportunities PMA has to offer in conjunction with CES this January, visit http://bit.ly/1rpOCMm.

Financing for app developers: Free paper from Mobile Photo Connect

mobile photo connect

mobile photo connect

Are you thinking of developing a mobile imaging app — but also thinking that the project might cost more than you have? There are financing options available, and if you want to know more about them, there’s now information ready — at no cost.

In preparation for its session on “The Ins and Outs of Funding mobile photography startups,” at the upcoming Mobile Photo Connect conference, conference organizer Suite 48 Analytics is offering a free white paper that describes photo app developers’ and investors’ considerations for financing photo app startups.

The Financing Photo Apps study draws lessons from interviews with developers with revenues ranging from less than $100K to over $20M.  The investors span the range from angel investors to investment banks.

Topics include:
•       Valuation drivers in financing transactions
•       Valuation drivers at exit
•       Characteristics of “good” investors
•       Deciding between transaction and revenue goals
•       Deciding when it’s time to get to market

The studies authors are Don Strickland, president and CEO of Strickland & Associates and adjunct professor at Imperial College London, and Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics and chair of Mobile Photo Connect.

Several of the study participants will also participate in various panels at the Mobile Photo Connect conference on October 15 in San Francisco, including Rudy Burger, Managing Partner at Woodside Capital, and Evan Nisselson, Partner at LDV Capital.

The free white paper is here.


Saturday is “Save Your Photos Day”

save your photos day

save your photos day

What’s September 27, 2014? Oh wait, you already read the headline… That’s right, its Save Your Photos Day!

Wait, what’s that? It’s a day “aimed at educating individuals, families, communities and photographers on how to preserve meaningful photos from disasters such as fire, flood and other natural disasters, says the Save Your Photos Alliance ‘ which notes that every year “there are more than 550 natural disasters throughout the world. For victims of fire, flood, tornadoes and other catastrophes, photos are among the most valuable possessions lost.”

They’re hoping you’ll connect through local community events, activities, and resources and highlight what they can do to safeguard photos. It’s “open to anyone with an interest in helping others safeguard their photos and treasured memorabilia.”

You can now access information and a toolkit to help you plan your own event. Some of the possible activities include:

• Offering a workshop or event in your community at a local library

• Write about Save Your Photos Day in blogs or newsletters

• Post up the Save Your Photos Day logo onto your website linked to Save Your Photos Alliance’s Save Your Photos Day resources

Currently there are 59 Save Your Photos Day events planned in 25 U.S. states, and more in in Canada and New Zealand.

Also, Kodak Alaris is working with the Save Your Photos Alliance to host workshops around the world with its Picture Saver scanning systems. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for example, photo firm Pixologie expects to scan more than 100,000 photos using the systems.

There’s more information here.


Program announced for Mobile Photo Connect



The Mobile Photo Connect executive conference focuses on promoting innovation and partnerships in the mobile photography ecosystem, and says it is “the leading forum where entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives gather to discuss the key technology and business issues driving the surge in mobile imaging and visual communication.”

PMA is a media sponsor for the event, October 15-16, 2014 at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

The program this year includes:
• The future of photo organizing, with speakers from Clarifai, EyeEm, Dropbox, and Orbeus.
• The future of storytelling, with speakers from Magisto, Pixable, PhotoGurus, and Moju Labs.
• Funding mobile photography startups, with speakers from Strickland & Associates, the Imperial College London, Woodside Capital, and LDV Capital.
• A “fireside chat” with Kodak Alaris CEO Ralf Gerbershagen.

There’s more information here.

Imaging Workshops at Mobile Photo Connect

mobile photo connect

Looking for info on how to make the most of your imaging apps, or tie your retail or output operations into the mobile world? Then look into a series of workshops offered on the 2nd day of the Mobile Photo Connect conference.

The Mobile Photo Workshops program is October 16, and will provide “practical lessons for implementing solutions for photo app monetization, image discoverability, and international expansion.”

Among the courses:
• Smart Photo Management — Picksu showcases computer vision and machine learning methods that can identify good shots, eliminate duplicates, split events, and more.
• Image Recognition with Firefly — How Amazon’s Fire phone’s image recognition software defines digital entities, facets, and filters to identify real-world objects.
• Monetizing Photo Apps — photo developers implementing Kodak Alaris’ API.
There’s more information here.

mobile photo connect

Another look at the PMA Australia Educational Photo Expo

Aus crowds

Aus audiencePMA Director of Australian Activities Peter Rose offers us this report on the exciting Education Photo Expo held last weekend in Brisbane:

Whilst one event does not prove a point, it does seem the results in Brisbane last weekend, are a clear indication that consumer education is key to the specialty channels future success.
Mark Alderson from Camerahouse and Nic Peasley from Ted’s were from the outset convinced (as was PMA) that educational sessions linked with a mini Expo and retailers present to “close the sale” was a formula that would work. The concept needed to be cost effective and needed to be “portable” to take around Australia  This  belief was shared by our major sponsors Canon and Nikon, who assisted greatly with high quality speakers (in Canon’s case) and promotional product (in the case of Nikon).Aus crowds
Brisbane attracted over 300 consumers, most of whom had paid to attend a wide-ranging series of educational sessions. It was gratifying to see these sessions were well supported from early morning through to 5:30 in the evening. The thirst for knowledge was clearly evident.
Feedback forms were  sought from all attendees and their comments will be analyzed closely for suggested improvements in the upcoming event in Melbourne and for next year’s events.
The overall messages were  however very pleasing: “Learnt a lot,” “Enjoyed the session,” ‘Will be back next year”.
Aus TedTrade participation is critical in our success. [PMA Australia's head of Membership and Events] Barbara Bryan or I spoke to most exhibitors,  and the message was, “We want to participate next year.”
Our major retail partners in Queensland, Ted’s and Digidirect, reported good sales with strong follow-up sales expected.
PMA, as your “not-for-profit” association, has one objective in this exercise, to educate and connect with consumers, which ultimately will  assist our members.
I strongly believe we have taken the first step in achieving that objective.
Now to Melbourne on Sept 6!

PMA Australia’s Educational Photo Expo in Brisbane: A perspective


Photo Expo 2014 BannerPMA Australia had a smashing success with its first Educational Photo Expo, sponsored by Canon and Nikon. This event, held over the weekend in Brisbane, drew large crowds and lots of excitement. On Sept. 6, a second event will be held in Melbourne. Here’s a look at the Brisbane expo, from the perspective of speaker John Swainston:

“More than 300 Brisbane folk braved wet and windy weather to join Australia’s PMA team and some committed exhibitors from the leading camera and accessory brands. As a speaker at many trade events for PMA over the past 30 years this was the first in Australia that embraced consumers exclusively  in such an intimate way. My topic was “All you need to know about selecting the right gear for your next travel adventure.” We took our attendees through iPhoneography, Point & Shoot, Mirrorless, All-in-one Tamron megazoom SLR photography and ‘The Works’ – f/2.8 glass where photography is the goal of the trip. What impressed me was the deep knowledge of so many attendees. But for many others, they had come to this PMA event because even with the Internet and good dealers locally, they were not getting the broad answers they needed to properly assess what would work for them. As we’ve seen at past International PMA events, and indeed PRO get-togethers in the US,  Camera House conferences in Australia, and I dare say Ringfoto member events in Germany, it’s this quest for knowledge that specialty retailers need to ramp up, to engage consumers who want to progress their image making, but don’t quite have the confidence to do it on their own. Photo Education, improved print services in many new forms were all high on the list of attendee priorities.pma_educational_pho#172C361

I didn’t get to see enough of the other presentations to be able to comment more broadly, except the fine talk on creating personal hard copy recipe books through Photo Book publishing, presented by the Momento Australia team. I loved that the illustrations were by Australian Pro photographer Penelope Beveridge, the award-winning and highly respected food and Photo Art photographer. The combination of inspiring images with useful how-to from Momento meant the audience found their way through perceived obstacles and were likely to go out and use the service. The ever present former DIMA president Phil Gresham was there presenting Fotofast’s latest services, as was the venerable Streets Imaging pro lab group.

The new Fujifilm tabletop print machine at a very affordable price, offering 8 inch paper roll print abilities attracted heaps of interest, as it opens up the world of Sweep Panorama prints from iPhone and other Smartphones, not to forget conventional digital cameras. This will work for even the smallest of Specialist retailers. Pro photographers interested in expanding their range of customer services could also use this as a custom print device based out of their studios. I came away with a strong impression that print and film to digital services  are likely to see significant improvements in the next decade as baby boomers start on consolidating their life’s images across various media.

Canon, Fujifilm and Olympus were very evident with their Interchangeable camera systems, while Nikon was represented in various retailer exhibitors, most notably Ted’s. Many people I talked with were coming from DSLR photography and especially interested in weight reduction in their future photography, as well as being less obtrusive. Vendors were able to show just how compact today’s Mirrorless offerings are, as well as demonstrate outstanding image quality and affordability.

While I can’t say I saw every aspect of the day, the overwhelming impression was one of keen excitement, exhibitors who were happy with the quality of the attendees and their interest level, as well as an affordable cost to exhibit. If resources and funds had been more extensive, a fuller PR effort might have produced even higher numbers and a few pro attendees, through that was not the primary audience. As a first effort, pretty darn good.

Next up it’s Melbourne, on Saturday September 6 at Victoria University. Another great group of speakers; my particular pick will be Canon Australia’s Jay Collier, with whom I share an August birthday. His wildlife images are something to behold. For my own part I look forward to engaging with the many new customers to more advanced photography, for whom such events are a wonderful, uncomplicated way to engage with contemporary image making, whether from a Smartphone or an advanced full frame DSLR.

John Swainston has been an active member of the photo industry for more than 4 decades, speaking widely to camera clubs and industry meetings around the world. He is a Senior Vice President at DayMen, parent company for the Lowepro & JOBY brands. He is a passionate photographer.

Witness to Genius: photographer keynotes mobile conference

doug menuez

doug menuezOne photographer had access to the early days at many Silicon Valley innovators — and he’ll share what he saw and learned at the Mobile Photo Connect industry conference.

Photographer Doug Menuez is the author of “Fearless Genius: Witness to the Digital Revolution,” in which he is “reporting what I saw – I was in the room and witnessed the decisions and actions.” He was invited by Steve Jobs and other execs to “record their stories of struggle, failure, sacrifice and success, from 1985 to 2000.”

The special session will be “a source of insight and inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs,” says Mobile Photo Connect conference chair Hans Hartman. He also announced the first 23 of 30 developers who will present their photo apps in three fast-paced show-and-tell sessions. Among the companies demonstrating are Dropbox, Fujifilm, Kodak Alaris, Lifepics, Magisto, and MailPix.

mobile photo connect