On the PMA Podcast: PMA President Gaby Mullinax on the new PMA


PMApodcast_icon_sqIn January, during the PMA 2015 Conferences, Gabrielle Mullinax of Fullerton Photo became president of PMA – where in the past month, a new CEO has been installed and a new management company has been hired to help create fresh growth and opportunities for PMA and its members.  In this episode of the PMA Podcast, Gaby talks about the recent developments, and all the changes yet to come, in creating the new PMA. Listen or download at www.pmapodcast.org, or use the player below.

On the PMA Podcast: Imaging evolution at Entourage Yearbooks


Tomcek CoryWhere once school yearbooks were made by a small staff, now mobile and social imaging have irrevocably changed the production: everyone on campus can be a photographer, and images can come in from a multitude of sites and services. On the output side, digital printing has allowed for much later production deadlines, but can also lead to more variation than is desirable.

On this episode of the PMA Podcast, Entourage Yearbooks director of strategic partnerships Cory Tomcek tells us about this $2 billion market, and how it’s adjusting to the changes in imaging.

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MMIE 584: Make a calendar


McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange #583 – January 20, 2015

MIME Logo PMANA new year, a new calendar. What’s going to grace the office/kitchen this year? Kittens? Paris? Locomotives? Memorable events in racing’s history? The historical West?

Here’s an idea: Why not promote a year-long search for the 12 (or 13) best customer-made photos, to illustrate your store’s 2016 calendar?

mmie 583

A sampling of picture calendars.

You’ve got two things going here. The first is a year-long promotional opportunity. (Okay, actually less than a year, because the calendar has to be printed before the end of this year.) Which customer’s photo will be chosen? Tout it on Facebook. Tweet it. Stuff it in bags. The second is in-your-customer’s-face advertising for all of 2016.

Our financial advisor has been doing this for years, choosing a calendar format with nice pictures, and his corporate name and contact info on every page. Use the calendar and there’s a constant reminder of him in front of you, every day.

A local real estate agent has just jumped on the bandwagon and delivered to us an absolutely gorgeous calendar, illustrated with to-die-for home interiors. Want to buy or sell? His name’s right in front of you, every day.

You get the idea. If your customer wants camera gear, finishing, framing, classes, who does she turn to? If your calendar’s there in front of her, every day . . .

So what’s your idea?

We’ve given you hundreds and hundreds of marketing ideas, now it’s your turn.

• Got a promotion that worked? An idea generated by a staffer? Something that’s exciting and/or motivating the crew? Doing something that’s bringing customers in, got customers buzzing, got them buying? Tell us.

• We’d appreciate getting pictures to help illustrate the ideas.

• Send your ideas to editor@McCurryAssoc.com.

• Don’t worry if you’re not the best writer; we’ll be happy to tidy things up for you.

• And if you want to take a look at the more than 1,000 marketing ideas, the archived editions of the McCurry Marketing Ideas Exchange are your resource: www.TinyURL.com/McCurryIdeas

Focus On: FotoGulf Qatar



FotoGulf supplies professional studio and photography equipment in Qatar and the Middle–East.

Managing director Abdul Khader (on the left in the team photo above) started in the industry in the 1980’s and he’s been a member of PMA since 1996. Khader says PMA helped FotoGulf with information on new technology and market needs.

“In the early days we used to wait for the copy of PMA Magazine, which arrived by post to Qatar the first week of every month,” he recalls. “The staff took turns reading it. We made photocopies of some of the articles, and put them up on the staff news board. Today, the online PMA Newsline is so easy to share with others.”

He also cites the 2003 membership supplement which provided contact details for suppliers and manufactures, and “paved the way to get direct contact with the suppliers for the required products.”

His company now has official distribution of various professional brands in Qatar, from minilabs to digital home printers, photographic materials, and accessories. FotoGulf also provides printing services, and has a special section for wedding photography and special occasions, with in-house designed digital albums and custom-made photo frames.

Khader says even the Photokina show “was never complete without visiting the PMA Booth and meeting the team and members from all over the world.”

On the PMA Podcast: Panasonic promotes 4k video for still photography


darin peppleWe’re back from the 2015 PMA conferences, where Panasonic sponsored our Future Imaging Summit panel on Cameras & Capture — and the first Visionary Awards reception where, coincidently, Panasonic won the Capture category for its work in utilizing 4k video for also producing still photographs.

Just before we all left for Las Vegas, we spoke with marketing manager Darin Pepple about the company’s work in the area, as well as improved optics from its partnership with Leica, its outreach to retail partners and differing user segments, and what else is evolving in the world of image capture.

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Panasonic, HP Indigo, Mylio, Adobe win Visionary Awards

AIE logo

AIE logoThe debut Visionary Awards Reception on January 8 recognized innovation and excellence in imaging — with some surprising winners.

The AIE event enjoyed attendance by a wide range of imaging enthusiasts and executives at the end of CES’ 4th day at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Photographer Joe McNally gave a touching and informative discussion on the importance of preserving our pictures, illustrated with some great shots from his 30-year career. HP Senior Architect Bob Taylor showed Link, the company’s new foray into imaging interactivity.

The Winners:
won the Cameras & Capture category;
Sharing & Social Imaging went to Facebook;
Adobe led the votes in Software & Apps;
The victory in Printing & Output went to HP Indigo;
Google’s Project Tango was named the top Future Imaging Visionary technology.

Mylio founder and former Microsoft chief technical officer David Vaskevitch was recognized as an imaging visionary for his work on accessing, organizing, and protecting photographs with his start-up’s new software.

The other nominees included Ricoh, DJI, Instagram, Snapchat, Apple, Mylio, Athentech, Magisto, Mixbook, MediaClip, Artec Group, Jaunt, Oculus Rift, Orbeus, and Samsung.

The top technologies and products were voted on by the membership of the Association of Imaging Executives, a PMA member group.
Nominations for the next Visionary Awards will be open to the industry.
Voting will be limited to AIE members. (Join now!)

The AIE helps imaging executives and industry leaders make strategic connections to advance the profitable use of new imaging technologies.


PMA President Gabrielle Mullinax receives PMDA Visionary Award

PMDA Dinner Gaby and Joellyn GM
PMDA Dinner Gaby and Joellyn GM

Joellyn Gray of PMDA presents PMA President Gaby Mullinax (right) with the PMDA Visionary Award.

The PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) honored PMA President Gabrielle Mullinax with its Visionary Award at the 2015 PMDA International Awards Dinner on January 5, held at the XS Nightclub at Encore in Las Vegas, Nev.

One of the highest honors awarded in the imaging industry, the PMDA Visionary Award is bestowed on individuals whose work helps shape the photo business space and blaze a trail for others to follow.

“We are delighted that PMDA has chosen to recognize and honor our newly elected president of PMA with the Visionary Award. Gaby’s leadership has been vital to setting PMA’s path into the future, just as it has been in redefining the entire concept of the photo retail business,” said PMA CEO Georgia McCabe. “Now, as she takes on her most important role yet in leading PMA as President, it’s wonderful for her to be recognized as the true visionary she is. Gaby is so richly deserving of this award.”

“We’re proud to acknowledge Gaby as a true visionary in our industry,” said Jerry Grossman, Executive Director of PMDA. “Her creativity and spirit bring a certain spark that is admired by her peers, and her enthusiasm for innovation is something that we all should emulate. The PMDA is thrilled to recognize her contributions with our 2015 Visionary Award.”

Other PMDA honorees include Person of the Year Go Miyazaki, President and CEO of Fujifilm North America Corp.; Technical Achievement Award, Wataru Otani, Ricoh Co.; Lifetime Achievement, John Clouse, Nikon Inc.; Professional Photographer Award, Joe McNally.

PMA elects Gabrielle Mullinax as President for 2015-2016


MullinaxGaby_2013In a history-making vote, PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations, elected Gabrielle Mullinax, owner of Fullerton Photographics in Fullerton, California, as president for 2015-2016, marking the first time in its 91-year history that PMA has elected a female president.

Fifteen years ago, as an entrepreneurial photographer and young mother, Mullinax bought a minilab and joined the ranks of the photo industry. At the cusp of the digital age, this was a analog film processing lab without so much as a computer onsite. With a deep, inherent understanding of her target market – women like herself – Mullinax devised creative, unique promotional campaigns and new product innovations that proceeded to turn Fullerton Photographics into one of the most successful specialty photo stores in the United States. Not only did Gaby spur remarkable growth in her business, but she also transformed the landscape of the retail photo world overall. As a leader at PMA and a speaker for imaging industry organizations such as IPI, PRO and FotoSource, Mullinax generously shares her ideas with others, many of whom have adopted them and achieved similar success.

“As the new President of PMA, Gaby is bringing not only her knowledge and experience of this industry, but also her endless imagination, her undaunted spirit and her absolute refusal to fail,” said John Segall, of Lifetouch, Inc. “Her passion for this industry and its success is unparalleled, and her leadership is exactly what the industry needs.”

Outgoing President Bill Eklund of Sharp Photo in Eau Claire, Wis., said, “Gaby is taking over leadership of PMA at the perfect moment, as we are committing to revitalizing PMA just like she revitalized her business. She is the right person at the right time. I can’t think of a more qualified leader for the job.”

In her acceptance speech, Mullinax noted, “We are taking a fresh look at the possibilities. We are envisioning what PMA would be if it was a brand new organization, coming into existence now for the first time. We are using that picture to restructure, to build something new that serves the current and evolving needs of our members today, and of our future members.

“This is your PMA, and we invite you to join with us in reinventing it. As a unified industry, we will be a powerful force for change, growth and development,” she continued. “Together, we can help consumers realize and embrace the fact that pictures matter. We can do this, because we believe in photos. We believe in this industry. We believe in PMA.”

On a related note, in December, the Board of Directors of PMA appointed longtime industry veteran Georgia McCabe as CEO and Executive Director – the first time a woman has ever held this role. Read more here.

Brian Fox elected President of PSPA

Brian Fox is the 2015-2016 President of PSPA
Brian Fox is the 2015-2016 President of PSPA

Brian Fox is the 2015-2016 President of PSPA

The Professional School Photographers Association (PSPA), elected a new Board of Directors for 2015-2016 at a member meeting held Monday at the PSPA/SPAA 2015 Conference, part of the PMA 2015 Conferences, at Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nev.

Brian Fox of Foxmar Photography is the President of PSPA for the 2015-2016 term. Courtney Lutz of Visual Image Photography is President Elect. First Vice-President is Kevin Jardina of Lifetouch National School Studios, and Second Vice-President is Jake Mark of Dorian Studios. Treasurer is Joy L. Cahill, Cahill Studios of Photography.

The Directors are Ed Sanders, Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co., and Bill Freeman, Freeman Photography. Georgia McCabe, CEO and Executive Director of PMA, is Secretary. James W. Pool is the group’s Technical Advisor.

On the PMA Podcast: Atkins Techicolour, “unwrapped and repacked”


PMApodcast_icon_sqAs the market evolves, is your company ahead or behind where your customers want you to be? The Atkins family of Adelaide, South Australia has been taking and making pictures since 1936. They did not like the trends of their business. Paul Atkins shares the how and why of their company being “unwrapped and repacked” in response to customers’ shifting demands in the first PMA Podcast of 2015. This McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange is available in audio download, as well as pdf transcript with images and links. Start your new year off right by listening to how one lab totally reinvented themselves — yet stayed the course of their historical roots.