On the PMA Podcast: CloudCutout uses math formulas to improve background knockouts

Danish startup CloudCutout came to Vegas in January to learn if PMA 2015 attendees would be interested in the automatic background removal software they had developed. After discovering a need for greater detail preservation with green screen knockouts, particularly among school photographers, the founders changed tactics and launched a professional background knockout service.

On the new episode of the PMA Podcast, founder Jonas Pilgaard explains how CloudCutout’s technology, based on mathematics rather than color correction, preserves image details, such as individual hairs, even from white and gray backgrounds. Download the interview at www.pmapodcast.org, or listen in using the player below.

Palette offers accessory controllers for photo editing


Tired of editing photos with keyboards, mice, or touchpads? Now you can snap together modular sliders, dials and buttons to create a controller customized for your workflow.

Developer Palette says it provides “tactility and precision at your finger tips.” Designed particularly for Lightroom and Photoshop, it lets you assign built-in functions to individual magnetically connected controlers. You can “get direct control through your fingertips as you adjust a range and quickly feel where you’ve left off without having to look down.”

Pricing starts at $199.

Here’s more information.

Here’s a demo video.


On the PMA Podcast: Fly4me takes off

fly4me crewNeed some aerial imaging but don’t want to buy and crash an expensive drone of your own? “Let us fly for you,” suggests a new service. “The future of on-demand drones is here.”

Fly4Me is an online marketplace that matches customers with verified (and insured!) pilots. “You will be able to review pilot profiles and start receiving bids within 24 hours of your proposal,” the company says.

And once the drone is in the air, “you will be able to have a fully interactive experience by leveraging our ground-breaking technology,” Flight Stream, which lets you “connect with your pilot during the flight to get a view from the cockpit. You will also be able to comment on flights in progress, ensuring that the drone goes exactly where you need it to.”

The company adds that it can provide “footage that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation or birthday party, our drones deliver high-quality images that will enhance any private event.” It’s also pursuing real estate, mapping, and other areas.

The service says is already approved by the FAA.

In this episode of the PMA Podcast, co-founder Adam Kersnowski, who tells us why they started the company, and what it can offer to photo service providers everywhere.

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fly4me faa

Photoflex bought by Promark


Lighting manufacturer Photoflex reports it’s been acquired by Promark International.

Photoflex had all-but gone out of business earlier this year. (See previous coverage here.)

“Together, Promark and Photoflex will focus on delivering high quality, industry-defining lighting solutions for photographers of all skill levels,” the two companies announced.

Photoflex says “business will go on as usual” now, as it develops photographic lighting tools.


On the PMA Podcast: Kodak Professional Keepsakes Collections & Creations

Chris Van Zandt

At the Kodak Professional Pro Lab Workshop in June, Kodak Alaris unveiled the Kodak Professional Keepsakes Collections & Creations (KC2) software which has been more than a year in development. KC2 enables professional labs and photographers to prepare, present, and produce content to new revenue streams.
In this episode of the PMA Podcast, Chris Van Zandt, General Manager & Vice President of Paper & Output Systems at Kodak Alaris, describes how KC2 was developed, and why Kodak Alaris believes it will both transform the way many professional photographers work, and bring greater opportunity to pro labs.
You can download the audio episode or subscribe to the podcast here.

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