High-density display to replace optical viewfinder?

Is this OLED screen sharp enough to replace an optical viewfinder?

The 5.4 megapixel microdisplay from MicroOLED measures just 0.61-inches diagonal, yet provides S-XGA resolution in full color — at half the power consumption of competing products the company claims.

“The current trend in replacing optics with electronics components fits excellently with our ability to produce this exceptional picture quality in miniature format,” MicroOLED says. “We are really excited by the market potential.”

The Organic Light-Emitting Display is ideal for applications demanding high picture quality, the French firm says, “sharp images with very smooth transitional tones” such as professional camera and camcorder equipment, night vision systems and head-mounted displays used in surgery.

The ultra-compact microdisplay has a 2,560 by 2,048 pixels resolution, and a sub-pixel pitch of 4.7 by 4.7 micrometers — the highest pixel density OLED microdisplay available today, the company claims. “By doubling the pixel density of comparable products, MicroOLED has eliminated the gap between pixels. With no black matrix present, the resulting image resolution is of the highest quality.” The maximum contrast of 100,000:1 and 96 percent uniformity also play key roles in picture quality, it adds.

Founded in 2007, MicroOLED is a privately held company with headquarters, R&D and a new production facility located in Grenoble, France.

Sony + Toshiba + Hitachi = Japan Display Inc.

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi officially joined a government-backed joint venture Japan Display Inc.

The three manufacturers signed definitive agreements to transfer all shares of certain subsidiaries and integrate their small- and medium-sized display businesses into a new company to be established and operated by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan. INCJ is a public-private partnership that provides financial, technological and management support for next-generation businesses.

Japan Display is scheduled to begin operations in Spring of 2012.


Kopin: Tiny displays bring bigger revenue

Micro-display maker Kopin reports first-quarter 2010 financial revenues up 18.5 percent year-over-year to $25.4 million.

The Taunton, Mass. Company recently announced a $27 million follow-on order for LCD eyepieces for the Army’s Thermal Weapons Sight program, and say the order “reflects the continued strong momentum of our military display technology.”

Kopin also announced production of a new line of color VGA and WVGA displays measuring 0.35 and 0.44 inches diagonal, respectively. The “shrink” displays are about 40% smaller than the company’s conventional displays, it says. Shipments of the VGA display are already underway for Samsung Electronics’ NX10 hybrid DSLR-style camera and Vuzix Corporation’s Wrap 920 3D video eyewear, Kopin adds.

Kopin is also field testing its “Golden-I” platform, a hands-free system to access content through a near-eye virtual computer display. “With numerous applications already identified throughout the industrial, military and medical professional end markets, Golden-i is uniquely positioned to become a game-changing mobile content access platform,” the company says.