EyeEm edits, shares photos — and edit choices

eyeEm 5

Online imaging community developer EyeEm introduced “a completely new set of editing tools for iOS and Android” — and shares the ‘recipe’ used on each image as well.

The new “Open Edit” function “lets you explore how other photographers edit their images,” the company says, “and makes it easy for you to try their edits on your own photos. It speaks to the curiosity we all have about how photos are made and how a certain style is achieved.” Just tap on an icon “to reveal the filter and tools that were used.”  And with a second tap, you can apply the same techniques to an image of your own.

EyeEm 5 also contains “24 distinct new filters” with adjustable intensity, and “carefully crafted” editing tools to adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation.


Kodak app finds film

Kodak developed an iOS app for finding retail locations stocking its professional film.

“Through this app you can learn about our color negative and black and white films. Discover the characteristics of each film and what formats they are available in,” the company says. “Will you be photographing outside or in a studio? This app will recommend the best film for what you are photographing. Once you know what film you want to shoot you can find out where to purchase film, and even where you can have the film developed.”

The app is intended as  a professional shooter’s  “companion when you are traveling,” Kodak adds. “It can tell you where to buy and process film around the world.”

The app is here.

Etchings app alters images into etched illustrations

Halifax, Canada-based MindSea Development says its Etchings app for iOS transforms photos “into unique works of art that emulate the etching and engraving techniques used by print makers.”

The $1 Etchings creates images in a variety of styles, ranging from classic monochrome and color treatments to postage stamp, paper money and vintage book themes, the company says. ““There are a lot of sketch and halftone apps, but Etchings is the first to add these unique classic effects.” The illustrations can be fine-tuned by varying the thickness and spacing of the etched lines, “allowing users to find the right look for their photo.”

More information is here.


iStopMotion uses iPhone camera

“When we were kids, we made stop motion movies in the backyard with my father’s Super-8 camera,” says Boinx Software’s CEO. “We waited anxiously for weeks for the film to come back from processing, till we could see the results. Today, we want to build the best stop motion animation app out there to make it as easy as possible for stop motion enthusiasts like ourselves to create films they love.”

The iStopMotion 3 application for the Macintosh now creates HD movies using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as the a camera, using the free iStopMotion Remote Camera app.

The price is also substantially lower: iStopMotion 2 Pro was $500; iStopMotion 3 is $50, and consolidates previous versions “into one powerful package offering the full-featured product at a rock bottom price,” the company says. “It’s important to us that all stop motion filmmakers, young and old, have access to the best tools for creation out there.” [And for one more week, it’s only $30.]

Boinx Software is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany.


Adobe updates Revel

Revel 1.5 adds new album and captions capabilities to keep photo libraries organized on the Mac, iPad and iPhone, Adobe says.

The Revel photography app “marries powerful and intuitive organizing and editing tools with a cloud technology uniquely designed for photos,” the company says. “With Revel users have one place for all their photos, which they can access using their iPad, iPhone, and Mac.”

New features in Adobe Revel 1.5 include album creation on one device that is now automatically updated and accessible everywhere; sharing private albums with friends and family; captions;  and an updated UI which “makes the app more intuitive and easier to navigate,” Adobe says.

Subscription pricing for Revel is $6 per month.