On the PMA Podcast: Frank Baillargeon to deliver more market research

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Frank Baillargeon of F/22 Consulting and Iconic Idaho has enjoyed a long career in the photo industry, and now he’s bringing that experience to help his fellow PMA members.

A consultant for many years, he is working with other industry analysts to bring PMA an aggregated resource for the latest market research.

In this episode of the PMA Podcast, Frank talks about how he got started in photography at Kodak, his varied career, and what he’ll be launching soon for PMA.

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Study: 18 percent consider phones their primary camera

Consumers are complementing their digital photography needs with multi-use devices, such as smartphones and tablets, according to a new study released today from the Consumer Electronics Association.

The CEA found 55 percent of consumers still consider a point-and-shoot camera as their primary photography device — but the number who consider their smartphone to be their primary device for their photography needs has tripled in two years to 18 percent.

The rise of multi-use devices expands photography options and creates new opportunities within the imaging industry, CEA says. “The image quality of SLRs and point-and-shoot cameras is still very important to consumers. In fact, 93 percent of consumers ranked digital point-and-shoots highest in image quality.”

However, 74 percent of consumers favor smartphones when it comes to portability, CEA adds. “With 61 percent of photos taken at the spur of the moment, the convenience of smartphones allows the average consumers to take 35 photos per month on their phones, versus 32 photos per month on their point-and-shoot cameras.”

Backing up points made here about the importance of sharing to photography, the study also found 74 percent of consumers ranked smartphones highest on ease of sharing. Consumers with smartphones and tablets were more likely to use sharing-related applications, such as sending images from one phone to another (38 percent), emailing photos (58 percent), posting photos to a social networking site (48 percent), and texting photos (45 percent).

The survey was conducted in December 2011. CEA’s report, The Changing Landscape of Digital Photography, is available now.


PMA Monthly Printing and Camera Trends Report through December 2009

PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations announces the availability of the PMA Monthly Printing and Camera Trends Report to aid firms in making business decisions. The report is a monthly service to help members gain timely insight into consumer printing and camera purchasing behaviors. PMA also translates the camera sales data from NPD Group into year-over-year trends on both a monthly and year-to-date basis. Market share information is also provided.

According to the December report, the volume of prints made from digital-still camera images increased by 3 percent compared to the same month the previous year. Printing volumes at retail minilabs and instant kiosks grew11 percent and grew 21 percent, respectively. Online ordering fell 13 percent and home printing grew by 4 percent in December. Statistics from the NPD Group Inc. showed that overall demand for still cameras – film and digital – was down 2.0 percent in December 2009. Overall demand for digital cameras decreased 2.2 percent in December.  more…