ZeroPC debuts Android app to manage photos across services

Zero PC app - timeline view

ZeroDesktop Inc., San Mateo, Calif., a developer of free content-management tools and Web apps, announced “ZeroPC Photo Connect,” a photo management tool for aggregating photos from various cloud services. The free ZeroPC Photo Connect app is available now in the Google Play Android Apps Storewith additional plans to expand to iPhones, the company claims. ZeroPC Photo Connect provides a single-site solution for people to aggregate, to manage and to share all of the photos stored in their mobile phones and in services including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Evernote, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Instagram,, and SugarSync.

“With the proliferation of many cloud photo services and the adoption of digital cameras and smartphones, photo generation and storage have combined, making it increasingly difficult for people to find, access and share their photos in one place,” says Young Song, founder and CEO,  ZeroDesktop. “We recognized the need to create a comprehensive photo management utility combined with ZeroPC’s cross-platform cloud content management service that enables people to seamlessly organize their scattered photo content.”

The app offers automatic syncing of photos from a mobile phone to the cloud for unified access and management with a “sync-on” Wi-Fi option. It collects and manages the user’s photo memories and populate into a unique “timeline” presentation. ZeroPC also provides a built-in search feature for entering keywords or tags.

An innovative “virtual album” mashup feature consolidates all of the user’s photos from multiple cloud services plus local photos from mobile phones. After creating their virtual albums, users can easily tag and organize photos plus share albums with friends and family.

Social Folders adds Evernote support

SocialFolders, a new sharing service with integration into popular photo-sharing services like Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Photobucket, Box, SmugMug, and Facebook, announced integration with Evernote. The service now allows users to share content from these various services with Evernote, a popular note-taking cross-platform app.

The service now allows users to download automatically in a dedicated folder all the Facebook photos where they have been tagged in.

Picasa 3.9 adds editing tools, filters, Google+ tag sharing

Picasa Facial Recognition

Picasa facial recognition and tagging

Google Inc. updated its Picasa image-editing app to allow direct sharing via Google+ and offers a richer selection of editing tools. Check out the Picasa 3.9 guide for more details about the changes.

Google+ users can use Picasa 3.9 to share directly to the circles created in Google+. With the release of Picasa 3.9, you can now upload and share your name tags on Google+. Picasa also adds photo editing effects from Picnik, as well as side-by-side editing, to compare two different photos side by side or compare the original and edited versions versions of the same photo simultaneously as you apply edits in Picasa.

Via Mashable: Google to change Picasa brand in Google+

Mashable reporter Ben Parr breaks the news today Google is going to rename some key products, including leading photo organizing service. Picasa, in as “part of a larger effort to unify its brand for the public launch of Google+, the search giant’s social initiative.” According to unnamed sources, Google intends to rename Picasa “Google Photos” and Blogger will become “Google Blogs.”

Google bought Picasa, which was founded in 2001, in 2004. In March, 2010, the company bought online-imaging editing powerhouse, Picnik.

Google links Picasa photos to Google Profile

Google Inc. continues to enhance its PicasaWeb photo sharing service. According to a blog post by Dave Cohen, engineer, Google Photos, Google Profiles functionality was updated so Picasa Web Albums can be added. “Now you can add Picasa Web Albums to your Google profiles. By choosing to show the “PicasaWeb” tab, you will enable visitors to see your public albums. Private albums will remain visible to only the people you’ve shared them with directly.”

A sample Google Profile with Picasa album integration

A sample Google Profile with Picasa album integration


Google makes Picasa Web photo sharing private in Buzz

Picasa Web albums can now be shared privately on Buzz, Google’s Twitter-like social networking service. According to a post by Jonathan Sposato on the Google Photo Blog, private albums can be shared privately with selected people through Google Buzz notification. Previously, creating a public album in Picasa Web albums created a public Google Buzz post.

Google’s Picasa makes “Face movies”

A cool new slide show: Face Movies.

The latest version of Google’s free downloadable photo editing software Picasa adds an intriguing new feature: “Face movies” which creates a video from still photos, aligning the images to the selected face in the photo. “This creates an extremely smooth viewing experience,” Google says, “which allows the person in the photos to remain the focus, rather than the transition effects themselves.”

It’s a cool technique. A demonstration is here.

Google has also added the Picnik online photo editor to Picasa 3.8, and a batch upload function from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums.

Google adds social media sharing

Google photo sharing

Google's Picasa Web albums adds social media.

Google engineers updated the Picasa blog with additional sharing tools. According to a post by Ping Chen, software engineer, the Picasa Web Album service has added share buttons for Google Buzz, Blogger and Twitter.

“We also know that sometimes you don’t want to share quite so publicly, but actually just want to share a link to a single unlisted photo, without revealing the whole album,” says Chen. “We’ve now made this possible, by updating the “Link to this photo” URL so that the album name is hidden on the viewer’s photo page (the “Share” button still works as normal).

Picasa Web album quantity boosted to 10,000

Google Inc., Mountain View, Calif., posted on its Google Photos blog that it has raised the maximum number of albums per Picasa Web Albums account to 10,000. The default view shows 100 albums; users can view the rest by clicking on a link.

Google Picasa 3.6 for Windows now available in 38 languages

Google Inc. announced Picasa 3.6 for Windows is now available in 38 languages. To upgrade to Picasa 3.6 in your language, download it from or from your local Picasa site. When you load Picasa for the first time, it displays in the same language as your operating system, and you can always easily change your language settings under Options.