Even faster storage cards


toshiba EXCERIA

It’s been a long time since I had to wait for my camera’s storage card to catch up with my shooting… But if you take shots faster than I do, you might be happy to hear that development on ever-faster storage continues, with Toshiba now unveiling new an SD card with the fastest write speed available, the company claims — up to any burst rate you might throw at it.

How fast? The Exceria Pro series “will offer photographers a data write speed of 240 megabytes per second,” Toshiba says.

The card’s newly developed UHS-II4 controller [ultra high speed serial bus interface] “achieve significantly higher data transfer speeds than earlier UHS-I compliant cards,” Toshiba adds.

The latest Exceria cards will launch in October. However, they likely won’t deliver the goods in your favorite ol’ digicam: For full speed, they require the latest UHS-II compatible cameras.

CompactFlash Association drafts CFAST 2

The CompactFlash Association is drafting a new specification for image storage cards: CFast2.0’s performance capability of up to 600MB/sec, and enable CFA to serve new professional video markets such as high definition TV production and cinema video production environments, the association says.

“The higher performance provided by CFast2.0 will further increase the capabilities and value for photographers, videographers, and cinematographers,” the CFA adds.

The CFast2.0 draft specification  will be generally available in Q4 of 2012.


CompactFlash Association developing XQDTM 2.0

The CompactFlash Association says its XQD 2.0 format “will enable hardware and imaging applications to leverage the performance benefits of the well established PCI Express infrastructure allowing for many years of higher performance and backward compatible products.”

The XQD Technical Workgroup is developing the new specification, which was initially sponsored by Sony. “Additional participation in this specification development will be welcomed,” the CFA says. The new spec will build on the XQD 1.0 specification, released October 2010, and leverage the same connector interface.

The XQD 2.0 format’s PCI Express 3.0 interface supports a data transfer rate up to 1,000 megabytes per second.

CompactFlash Association developing faster specification

The CompactFlash Association announced development of the CFast 2.0 specification for speedier photo and video recording.

CFast 2.0 will leverage the same connector interface as CFast 1.1, released September 2008, and the SATA-3 interface (up to 600MB/sec) for higher performance, the CFA says.

Host manufacturers will be able to leverage their experience and investment in the ATA storage protocol, and media manufacturers will be able to leverage high volume solid state disk (SSD) controller technology to serve the high performance requirements of this market.

The new format will have Video Performance Guarantee capability with profiles capable of supporting digital intermediate formats such as ProResTM, DPXTM, and DNxHDTM.

CFA is targeting for the CFast2.0 specification to be available in the second half of 2012.


Sony unveils new high-speed cards

Sony XQD H-series card with 32 GB storage

Sony says its latest storage cards “give a whole new meaning to speed and performance for digital imaging enthusiasts.”

With support for the XQD specification for high-speed, high-performance digital image capture at up to 1Gbps and 125MB/s, write and read, the cards can be used in SLRs to capture up to approximately 100 frames in Raw format in continuous shooting mode, Sony says.

The XQD cards will come in 16 and 32GB capacities.

More information is here.