The Best VDSL Modem For Your Home Network

Best VDSL Modem

Modem technology has advanced to such a high level that you can find some modems that feature 4G/LTE and WiFi capabilities, have as much as 256MB RAM, and support up to five devices. That’s why it’s important to find the best modem for your home network. In this article, I will be giving you my top three choices for modems that are worth investing in.

Quick table with our top 3 picks:

Top 8 Best VDSL Modem Reviewed

SaleBestseller No. 1
MOTOROLA VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem + WiFi AC1600 Gigabit Router, Model MD1600, for Non-Bonded, Non-Vectoring DSL from Frontier and Some Other DSL Providers
  • IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO CONTACT YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER BEFORE purchasing this product. MODEL MD1600 DOES NOT WORK WITH BONDED VDSL, BONDED ADSL, OR VDSL VECTORING. PLEASE READ THE CHECKLIST IN THE PRODUCT IMAGES BEFORE PURCHASING. If you’re still not sure whether you have the right type of DSL service, MODEL MD1600 IS NEVER COMPATIBLE with Verizon, AT&T services, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Cox, or other cable services.
  • MD1600 IS A GREAT CHOICE for many non-bonded/non-vectoring ADSL AND VDSL SERVICES FROM FRONTIER, WINDSTREAM, TDS TELECOM, AND FAIRPOINT. It combines a VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem with a full-featured AC1600 WiFi Gigabit Router to provide fast Internet to all your WiFi and Ethernet devices. DSL services use your home telephone wiring. Supplying your own modem typically saves $9.99 in modem rental fees; savings vary depending on service provider.
  • BUILT-IN ROUTER INCLUDES 4 GIG-E PORTS, AC1600 WIRELESS, a firewall, WPA/WPA2 wireless security, IPv4 and IPv6 support, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability. You can plug a USB storage device into the USB 2.0 host port for Network Attached Storage (NAS) which supports DLNA Media Sharing.
  • CLEAN AND EASY. This DSL modem/router combo saves space, reduces wires, and includes a setup wizard for fast, easy installation. Delivers Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps; speeds depend on the speed of your VDSL or ADSL Internet service. The MD1600 provides a high-speed Internet link for all your wireless and Ethernet devices including smartphones, HDTVs, computers, tablets, game stations, and more.
  • MD1600 IS SUPPORTED by expert, friendly customer support specialists in the US with a 2-year warranty from a company you trust
Bestseller No. 2
NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL Modem (DM200-100NAS). Compatible with CenturyLink, Verizon, and Frontier)
  • Compatible with only DSL internet service providers such as CenturyLink (non-bonded VDSL) and Frontier (non-bonded VDSL)
  • Not compatible with upgraded vectoring CenturyLink DSLAM
  • Please contact your ISP for PPPoE username/password and VPI/VCI information before installation
  • Not compatible with Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse or bonded VDSL
  • VERY IMPORTANT ** Please Note: Kindly refer the Instructional Video, the User Manual & the User Guide before use which is highly essential
Bestseller No. 3
ZyXEL Q1000Z VDSL2 Modem & Wireless Router
  • VDSL Modem Compatible with Centurylink
  • 4 Ethernet Ports, 1 USB Port, 1 Phone Port, 1 VDSL Line Port
  • Built In Wireless Router - No Need for Additional Devices
  • Features Firewall and Network Address Translations (NAT) for Your Security
Bestseller No. 4
Actiontec Q1000 for Qwest Wireless N VDSL Modem Router (Renewed)
  • Item Package Dimension: 9.7199999900856L X 7.8699999919726W X 3.3099999966238H Inches
  • Item Package Weight - 1.90038469844 Pounds
  • Compatible Devices - Phone, Tablet, Wifi-Enabled Devices, Media Streaming Devices, Computer, Pc, Mac, Gaming Consoles
  • Product Type - Networking Router
Bestseller No. 5
deleyCON 10m (32.81 ft.) Telephone Cable RJ11 Modular Cable 6P4C Western Cable RJ11 on RJ11 Connector Flat Cable Telephone Socket Modem Router Fax ISDN DSL VDSL Internet Black
  • deleyCON RJ11 telephone cable modular cable 6P4C western cable with RJ11 connectors
  • RJ11 connectors on RJ11 connector // Sturdy flat cable // Gilded contacts
  • For analogue and digital devices // Universal application // Standard RJ11 connector
  • For telephone sockets, fax, modem, router, DSL, VDSL, ISDN, internet, etc.
  • Modular connection cable // 4-pin configuration // Inner wire: copper mix // length: 10m (32.81 ft.) // Colour: black
SaleBestseller No. 6
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Certified with CenturyLink - Non-bonded, DSL Internet Only (D7000)
  • Compatible with only DSL internet service providers such as CenturyLink (non-bonded VDSL) and Frontier (non-bonded VDSL)
  • Not compatible with upgraded vectoring CenturyLink DSLAM
  • Please contact your ISP for PPPoE username/password and VPI/VCI information before installation
  • Not compatible with Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse or bonded VDSL
Bestseller No. 7
CenturyLink Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL Modem Router Combo (Renewed)
  • The C2000T features a built-in HPNA 3.1 compliant adapter that allows distribution of high-quality data and video inside the home over existing coax wires. Hence, it is ideal for IPTV deployments with minimal impact on subscribers’ homes
  • Quickly and easily connect to the Internet with this CenturyLink C2000T ADSL/VDSL CenturyLink wireless modem that features Wireless-N technology for clear signals and enhanced range. The firewall and WEP encryption security options help keep your data safe
  • With Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) users can easily connect with the C2000T wireless network by simply pushing a button or entering a PIN code. It allows home users to easily connect to a secure network and eliminates the need to remember their security information
  • The C2000T offers POTS phone connectors to accommodate phones and faxes. Once the gateway is registered with a VoIP service, regular phone calls can be conducted over the Internet with all the benefits of IP telephony
  • Through integration with NAT, the firewall leverages all the Application Level Gateways (ALGs) provided in the NAT context to minimize undesired service impact. The C2000T also supports powerful wireless security mechanisms, such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2)
Bestseller No. 8
CenturyLink Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL Modem Router Combo
  • Centurylink compatible DSL Telephony Wireless N Modem
  • High-Speed Internet Access with Voice Over IP (VoIP) Compatible Service
  • Integrated VDSL2 Modem, Bonded ADSL2+
  • 4 GE LAN ports Allow You to Connect Multiple Devices Simultaneously
  • Comes with Ethernet and Power Cord

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best VDSL Modem:

1. Cost

Obviously, the modem you will be buying will have a huge impact on your monthly bills. The first thing you need to consider is how much you are willing to spend on it. There are many brands of modems currently on the market and they all offer great features, but not all have similar prices for the same model. You should also consider the cost of other services that you could be using such as Netflix and Spotify (if you are a music lover). Finally, make sure that the modem is compatible with your ISP’s network before making a final decision.

2. Speed

This is an important thing to consider since it would affect how quickly you can transfer files from one computer to another or even from a mobile device to your laptop or desktop computer via WiFi network. You should also take into consideration whether or not your ISP has an upload speed limit and how fast that limit is. For example, I know my ISP caps at 24Mbps, which means I cannot use my modem beyond this amount to ensure I do not exceed my monthly limit (I am just one person). So if I wanted to download videos from YouTube in HD quality, I would have to choose a DSL connection with more than 24Mbps downlink speed.

3. Modem Features

The modem features are different for every home network installation because it depends on what kind of devices you have connected and whether or not they use VoIP services like Skype or Google Voice that require special modems. However, I like to think that the modem features are important because they make your life easier and save you money. For example, I have a VoIP phone with Skype that I use to chat with my friends and family members at all times of the day. The modem I use is compatible with it and therefore allows me to take advantage of the benefits that VoIP services have over traditional phone calls.

4. Ease of Use

The best modems for home networks should be easy to set up as well as easy to use and manage. There are some modems out there that require you to set up multiple devices at once, which can be difficult if you are not familiar with such a setup or if you do not know how to work around it (I am sure many of us have heard about this). You should also consider how long it will take for you to get the hang of using your new modem before deciding whether or not it’s worth investing in one.

5. Compatibility With Your ISP

The last thing you need to consider is whether or not your ISP will allow you to use their services on top of your new modem’s connection speed limits or if they will only allow their own brand/model of devices (like VOIP phones, routers, computers etc.). This is important because if they do restrict your access, then they will prevent you from getting all the benefits that modems offer and may even charge extra fees for using their services. This can be very frustrating if you do not know about it in advance, so make sure you ask your ISP for more information about their services before signing up for a new modem.

Final Word

To find the best modem for your home, you need to understand the things that you need your modem to do. When choosing a modem, it is important to ask what type of connections you will be using in your home network. Will you be using a DSL or fibre connection, or are you using an ADSL connection? You should also consider the amount of devices that will be connected at one time. By doing this research up front, you can avoid purchasing a modem that won’t work for your needs.


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