How to Get Sweat stains Out of Hats – An Easy Way

How to Get Sweat stains Out of Hats

It’s no secret that sweat can make your hat stink. And for good reason, sweat can leave your hat feeling damp and heavy, which means your hat might start to smell like sweaty brains. To get rid of sweat stains on hats, you need to remove the source of the smell: sweat. Luckily, there are a few ways to get rid of sweat stains. Check out these methods and see if they work for you!

How to Get Sweat Stains Out of Hats

1. Soak the hat in cold water: 

This is the best way to remove sweat stains from hats. You can soak your hat in cold water for a few minutes, but make sure not to get it so wet that it gets saturated and starts to drip. If you’re worried about getting your hat wet, you can always try to squeeze the water out of it by hand.

2. Use a soft cloth: 

Using a soft cloth, gently rub the sweat stains off on your hat.

3. Use a mild soap solution: 

If you have trouble getting rid of sweat stains on hats because they are too stubborn or there are too many of them, try soaking your hat in mild soap solution for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water.

4. Wash it with detergent: 

If you want to get all the sweat stains off your hat without using any extra steps, just wash it with detergent and dry it thoroughly afterward!

5. Use a dryer: 

If you didn’t get any sweat stains out of your hat using the above methods, you can always try using a dryer to remove the stains.

6. Use an enzyme detergent: 

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of sweat stains on your hat after trying all the above methods, try using an enzyme detergent instead! This will do some serious damage to the sweat stains on your hat and help get rid of them!

7. Dry the hat completely: 

After you’ve used an enzyme detergent for the first time, you might notice that your hat is a bit sticky. To dry it, pat it on a towel to remove the stickiness and then hang it up to dry completely.

8. Store your hats away from heat: 

If you have sensitive skin, keep in mind that storing your hats too close to heat sources can lead to sweat stains on them as well! So try to put your hats away from any heat sources when not in use!

How to Determine the Cause of a Sweat-Stained Hat

1. Check for dryness: 

When you have a sweat-stained hat, the first thing to do is to check the hat for any signs of dryness. If your hat has been sitting in a closet for a while or if it got wet, then it’s probably going to be a bit dry. This can lead to sweat stains on your hat.

2. Check the seams: 

If you’re wearing thick socks and your hat is still sweaty, then you can also check inside your hat and look at the seams. You will see that they are damp and stained with sweat as well. This is another sign that there may be some moisture problems in the lining of your hat.

3. Check for loose strings and elastic: 

If you have any loose strings or elastic inside the lining of your hat, then this could also be contributing to sweat stains on your hats because it makes it easier for sweat from your head to get into the inner and outer fabric layers of the hats!

4. Check for cracks in the lining: 

Sweat stains are often caused by moisture getting into places where it shouldn’t be! So if you notice any cracks in your hat’s lining, this could be causing this problem as well!

5. Look at how tight you wear hats: 

If you find that some days are hotter than others or if you wear different types of hats on different days, then this could also contribute to sweating on your head! On those hot days when all you want is a hat, you might be sweating inside your hat even if you don’t feel that it’s too hot outside.

6. Check for sweat stains on hats with a lining: 

If you’re wearing a hat without a lining, then you may want to check the lining of your hat for sweat stains as well! This could be caused by the same conditions we talked about in item #4.

7. Check for loose stitching: 

If there are any loose threads or seams inside the lining of your hat, this can cause sweat to get into areas where it shouldn’t be! So keep an eye out for any loose threads or seams in your hats and make sure they are intact before wearing them!

8. Make sure the hat is not too tight: 

Another reason why some people can have sweaty hats is that they wear their hats too tightly! This is likely to cause sweat stains on your hats because it makes it harder for air to flow in and out of the fabric of the hat. So make sure that your hats aren’t too tight before wearing them! (This is particularly important if you wear caps!)

How do I get my hat to dry faster?

Wash your hat in the dishwasher: This is a good way to get your hat to dry faster! Many people find that when they wash their hats in the dishwasher that they can get them ready much quicker than if they were hand washing them! So it’s a great option if you are in a hurry when it comes to getting your hats clean!

Wash with a mild detergent: If you don’t mind the smell of mild detergent then you can try washing your hats with some mild detergent. I found that my softball team’s hat was more absorbent than most other hats I’ve owned and so this worked really well for me. You may need to use different types of laundry detergents on different types of fabrics and materials, but there are some good ones out there that won’t leave any smell behind or leave any residue.

Use a hat spray or conditioner: There are many different types of conditioners and sprays that you can use on your hats so make sure you do some research before deciding on one! There are those spray-on conditioners and sprays that will help reduce static cling, as well as others that will help repel water and keep things dry. Make sure you choose something that works well for the type of fabric/material of your hat before using it on it though!

Dry flat: If you’re using a machine dryer, then make sure you set it to an air drying cycle so that the hat will be dry by the time it is done. If you’re using a regular dryer, then make sure that you lay your hat flat on the clothes-dryer plate so that it doesn’t get more wrinkles in it!

Use a “sweat guard” or protector: Many people have found that they can get their hats to dry faster if they use a “sweat guard” or “protector” on them. This is basically just a piece of fabric that you put over your hat and then put it in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry. It’s like putting an extra blanket over your hat so that it helps absorb any extra sweat before getting washed. You can find these at most sporting goods stores or even make them yourself (just search for “hat cover”). Just make sure you wash them after each use because they can start to smell after a while!

Use an absorbent hat: If you want to keep things simple, then try using an absorbent fabric such as terry cloth instead of using one of those bulky, bulky hats! This will help soak up any excess moisture from your skin and will also help protect against sweat stains when wearing your hat!


The article has provided detailed information about how to get sweat stains out of hats. There are a number of ways to get sweat stains out of hats, and the best way is to remove them from the source. For sweat stains, the easiest way is to wash your hat with a mild soap and water solution. If the stain is stubborn, you may have to use a mild steel wool abrasive pad to get the staining out. If that doesn’t work, you may have to try a different cleaning method.


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