How to Put a Belt Buckle on a Belt

Before putting a buckle on your belt, you need to understand how it works. A belt buckle is used to secure a belt around the human body. It should not be used as an ornamental piece of jewelry; however, if that is the case for you, this article contains some useful information about buckles and belts in general. Buckles are also known as clip-on belts or attachment belts. There are many different types of buckles, such as safety, closure, and ID/ cosmetics. Each type has its own purpose and uses. The type you should get depends on what kind of clothing you plan on wearing with your belt. Let’s take a look at how to put a buckle on a belt.

How To Put A Belt Buckle On A Belt

Get to Know Your Belt Buckle

First things first, you’ll want to get to know your belt buckle. Generally speaking, there are 3 types: fixed, clip-on, and push-button. What type you choose will depend on how you plan on wearing your belt. Fixed Belts – A fixed belt buckle is the most common. This type features a metal loop that attaches to your belt. Although it may seem like a belt buckle devoted to one style of the belt will fit your belt just fine, it’s worth noting that it’s really the opposite. A fixed belt buckle will fit a specific style of belt only. Clip-On Belts – A clip-on belt buckle is attached to your belt by a clip. This type doesn’t require you to take your belt off in order to wear it. Push-Button Belts – Push-button belts are key-hole style buckles that are actually “retracted” when you’re not wearing your belt. This gives the buckle a more dressy look and allows it to blend more seamlessly with your suit.

Add a Stud Buckle

Many belts come with stud buckles already attached. If your belt doesn’t, you can simply purchase a set of stud buckles and add them to your existing belt. If you want your existing belt to match your new belt buckle, you can also purchase a matching set of studs and attach them to your existing belt. Most belt buckles come with a matching set of studs. When purchasing a set of studs, make sure you get the right size, as most buckles will have a stud size chart to help you out.

Step Up Your Casual Wear

If your goal is to step up your casual wear, you can simply upgrade your belt buckle. If your buckle features a stud, you can simply replace the stud with a solid color and a metal chain. If your buckle doesn’t feature a stud, you can simply upgrade your metal chain link to a solid color. For a more formal look, you can also switch to a contrasting color for your buckle. If you’re wearing your belt with a dark suit, you can simply swap out your buckle for a contrasting color. If you’re wearing your belt with a light suit, you can simply add a contrasting color to the other end of the metal chain link.

Step Up Your Formal Wear

If you’re wearing your belt with a suit, you can take it a step further and add a clasp. This will help to make your suit belt look even more expensive. More importantly, it’ll help to keep your tie in place when you’re wearing your suit coat over top of your dress shirt. If your belt doesn’t feature a clasp, you can simply attach a regular key-hole style buckle to your belt. This will help to give your casual wear a little more refinement.

Install a Clasp

Finally, if your goal is to attach a clasp to your existing belt, you can either buy a new belt or simply use an existing one. If you’re using an existing belt, simply remove the clip from the loop. If the belt is made of fabric, you can simply cut the belt in half and then thread the cut fabric portion through the loop. If the belt is made of leather, you can simply cut the belt in half and then thread the cut halfway through the loop.

What Are The Different Types Of Buckles?

1. Safety Buckles

These buckles have a metal piece that goes through the belt and secures it to the wearer. These are best used on leather belts.

2. Closure Buckles

These buckles go over the top of the belt and keep it from falling off when you sit down or bend over. They are best used on wool and denim belts as they can be easily undone by taking off your pants to sit down or bend over.

3. ID/Cosmetics Buckles

These buckles have a small metal piece in them that is engraved with a name, number, or letter for identification purposes only. These are best used when wearing formal attire, such as a tuxedo or wedding dress, but can also be used on any type of belt if you want to wear it with formal attire without getting in trouble at work.

4. Costumes Buckles

If you plan on wearing your belt as part of your costume, then this is the buckle for you! These buckles have one large metal piece and two smaller ones attached to them so that when you put them together, they look like an hourglass shape with an extra hole in the middle of each side which makes it appear as though there are two buckles attached to the belt instead of one larger buckle which looks more realistic than putting two smaller buckles together on a regular-sized buckle.

5. Locker Buckles

These buckles are used to securely attach a belt to a locker in order to keep the belt from falling off when you bend over or sit down. These are not recommended for regular use as they tend to fall off easily.

6. Retainer Buckles

These buckles are made of plastic and are held on by a metal clip that goes through the belt and secures it in place. These are also not recommended for regular use as they tend to fall off easily.

What Is The Difference Between A Buckle And A Belt?

  1. Buckles are used to attaching a belt to your pants and pants cuffs.
  2. Belts are used to hold up your pants.
  3. Buckles are made from leather, plastic, or metal (metal buckles only come in black).
  4. Belts can be made of leather, denim, wool, polyester, or nylon.
  5. The buckle contains a metal piece that goes through the belt and secures it to the wearer’s waist
  6. The buckle is usually larger than the belt that it holds up

What Is The Best Type Of Belt For Men And Women?

  1. The best type of belt for men is a leather belt. Leather belts are the sturdiest and most durable type of belt.
  2. The best type of belt for women is a nylon belt. Nylon belts are the most durable and least expensive type of belt to buy.
  3. The best combination is a leather/nylon belt. This combination will give you the durability of a leather belt with the durability and low cost of a nylon one.


Buckles are used to securing belts, but they can also be used as decorative pieces or to secure smaller items such as keys or money in a bag. They come in many different sizes and materials, so it’s important to get the right size for your body. They should be comfortable to wear, but still secure. The type of belt you get should depend on how often you intend to wear your belt. A woven belt should be worn more often, while a satin belt should be worn less often. A decorative belt should be worn only occasionally, while a regular belt should be worn daily.


  1. What is the best material for a belt?

The best material for a belt is leather or vinyl because they are both durable and comfortable.

  1. What is the best style of belt?

The best style of belt is a plain buckle with no embellishments. For men, plain buckles are the most common style, while women prefer buckles with fancy designs on them.

  1. How do you know what size to get?

A good rule of thumb to follow when buying belts is to buy one size bigger than your current pants size. For example, if you wear a 32″ waist in pants, then buy a 34″ belt to be safe. You can always take it in if it’s too big or adds an inch or two if it’s too small.


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