Ring Doorbell: How To Share Ring Doorbell With Others

How To Share Ring Doorbell With Others

Do you have a Ring Doorbell? If so, did you know that you can share it with other people in your household? Sharing your Ring Doorbell is a great way to keep track of who is coming and going, and it’s also handy for keeping an eye on deliveries or packages. In this blog post, we will show you how to share your Ring Doorbell with other people in your household. We will also provide some tips on how to use the Ring Doorbell effectively!

How To Share Your Ring Doorbell With Others

Have you got Ring’s video doorbell installed in your home? There are many different reasons why you would want to have it in place – spying on who is at the door, notifying when deliveries arrive. It is a great way to protect your home and family. But what if someone else wants to be able to check to see if they need to rush out and meet the courier delivering that special package or take that parcel for their elderly parents before it gets stolen?

There are a number of ways you can let others view the video feed from your Ring Video Doorbell, both directly from your device as well as through sharing access via invitations. If those people live with you or work at your property, you can give them ‘permanent’ access to the feed as well as a temporary day pass.

The great thing about Ring’s video doorbell is that it can be installed in minutes with no tools at all needed. It attaches to your existing doorbell power supply and uses the same wiring. You get 1080 HD footage directly to your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the world, by simply downloading the Ring app (free).

If your Ring Video Doorbell isn’t already installed you will need to do this first. To make life easy for yourself later on when getting friends and family views enable the ‘Set up wireless network’ option during installation or after installation if not set up earlier. This saves you from having to go back into settings later on and connect over Wi-Fi.

Once installed you can follow these simple steps to share access with others. If this is not convenient or in the best interests of your family, use Ring’s ‘Guest Pass’ temporary feature instead.

1. Invite specific people via their email address: 

The simplest way is to simply send the person an email invitation with a unique passcode that will allow them direct access for one day only. They can click on the link in the email which takes them directly to the Ring app opening screen where they just need to enter your passcode and they are immediately connected to see all activity at your home. Once done, you receive a notification telling you who has been invited and when they have finished viewing/accessing – a very clean way of working.

2. Invite specific people via the Ring app: 

This is for those who are already viewing your Ring video doorbell on their smartphone or tablet when they want to share access with someone else – very simple, quick, and easy. Just give them permission in the Ring app (see below) to be able to invite others up until you have reached five total views across all devices sharing your feed. You will then need to go into settings and turn this feature off if you don’t want guests being added.

3.Share access through a temporary Guest Passcode:

If the person you want to share access with lives at a distance or doesn’t have direct contact with you, one of the best ways is by giving them an access code that allows them a temporary view of the video feed from your Ring Video Doorbell for 24 hours. This can be sent via text or email, then they simply need to enter it into the app and their access is instantly granted.

4. Share live through Messenger: 

In addition to sharing via email, you can also send friends and family a direct link to see your Ring Video Doorbell in action on Facebook Messenger. You will need to allow certain permissions first before being able to do this, but once done they will be able to show up as a contact under ‘friend requests’. Choose this option carefully – if someone abuses the privilege they may have all future access revoked by deleting or restricting them as a friend/contact on the messenger platform. This video below demonstrates how the live chat function works in Messenger:

5. Use a smartwatch to view live / share feed: 

If you have a smartwatch equipped with Android Wear or Apple Watch operating system, it will send an alert when someone rings your doorbell. You can also see a live feed from the Ring video camera at any time by simply swiping up on your watch screen. This is great for keeping tabs on who’s outside without having to literally ‘check’ – just remember to give them access if they are ringing the bell!

Why You Might Want To Share Your Ring Doorbell

Now that you’ve made all these changes, it’s time to take advantage of what sharing your doorbell provides:

  1. If someone were to break into your home while you’re not there, it would be good to know who it is. You can find out through the video history on your doorbell or by downloading the Ring App’s Video History feature. 
  2. If you are having a party, you can have your guests share access to your doorbell so they are notified anytime someone approaches your front door. 
  3. It provides an extra set of eyes that could potentially help save your dog if he/she were to ever escape outside (which has happened before). 
  4. Your friends and family members will be able to watch what happens when they’re not around just because they can!
  5. You can let people keep an eye on things for you while you travel or go on vacation.

How To Remove People From Your Ring Doorbell Account

If you have a Ring Doorbell, it’s important to make sure that your account is properly canceled and no one can continue to charge your credit card.

When you first set up the Ring Doorbell for use with an existing doorbell, the default setting is for them not to have access. However, if at any time they send a command from their phone or computer through the app then they will be able – both on your Ring Doorbell and theirs – to see movement at your front door. This means that someone could easily ring the bell, record activity in front of the camera, and cancel the ring almost immediately so as not to give away their presence.

A second issue would come up if a garage door opener is tied to your Ring Doorbell. In this case, the remote – even if you disconnect it from the app completely – would still signal movement at your front door and activate that garage door.

If for whatever reason a person does have access to either their own Ring Doorbell or one tied to your account, there are ways of canceling them out.

First, go into the Ring app on their phone or computer and change your ring settings so that they can no longer see or hear activity through their devices. The other thing you can do is uninstall both apps from all devices as well as delete any devices associated with those apps from the cloud service. That way, even if have access now or in the future, they will no longer be able to access either your Ring Doorbell or their own.

Keep in mind that you will also want to change the default setting on your Ring Doorbell so that it can’t be operated remotely outside of receiving doorbell press notifications and responding with a light or audio alert. To do this, go into the Ring app and click on “My Devices” and then select the device you want to make changes for. Scroll down under actions until you see “Remote Zones”. Clicking here will allow you to disable remotes from working outside of Doorbell Sensor zones (usually within 40 feet). You can then set up rules such as only allowing doorbell presses during certain hours such as when everyone is home or turning off doorbell presses completely.

If you simply want to permanently cancel access with the Ring Doorbell, it’s as simple as uninstalling both apps and deleting all devices associated with those apps from your cloud service. This will prevent anyone from using those accounts in the future with either your Ring Doorbell or their own even if they have physical access to either device. It helps to reset the default ring settings on both devices so that they can’t be operated remotely outside of receiving a doorbell press notification through an existing app account.

Uninstalling the apps is also helpful for removing any other possible digital traces left by the previous installation of your Ring Doorbell such as browser history showing old front door activity videos at YouTube for example where someone might see them and figure out something is going on. It will also prevent possible accidental re-activation of either your Ring Doorbell or their own in the future and provide you with a clean slate and reassurance that, so long as no one has access to any old accounts connected to yours, they won’t be able to use your Ring Doorbell system ever again.


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