How To View Locked Facebook Profiles: The Ultimate Guide

How To View Locked Facebook Profiles

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but sometimes you may encounter a locked profile. This guide will show you how to view locked Facebook profiles without asking permission.

How to View Locked Facebook Profiles

There is no official way to see a locked profile on Facebook. However, there are a few unofficial ways that you can try.

One way is to ask the person to unlock their profile for you. Another way is to try using a Facebook password cracker. And finally, you can try contacting Facebook and asking them to unlock the profile for you.

Easy Ways How To View Locked Facebook Profiles?

Several scenarios are possible when you want to view locked Facebook profiles. The process of viewing locked Facebook profiles can be simple, involving mere permission from the owner of the profile, or it might involve complicated steps that may not always work without resulting in account lockout. If you need to access a locked Facebook profile for some reason, there are several steps you might use to do what you intend with the profile.

1. Ask for Immediate Login Approval

If your second cousin once removed is on vacation and posted photos on their locked Facebook page which you would like to see immediately, this method will allow you to browse through the photographs before he/she gets back home—all without having to wait until he/she unlocks their account.

On a locked Facebook page, there is a “Message” button on the top of the profile. Clicking this will send a message to the owner of the account asking for immediate login approval or access to their photos. There is an option of checking the box next to “Remember my last request,” which allows you not to have to write a message each time you make such a request as it remembers your previous one and sends it again as soon as he/she signs back into their account. Once they approve your message, you can immediately view their photos until they sign off again and change their privacy settings on that page.

2. Use Email Verification Tool on Locked Profile

Some people use email tools to generate unique passwords. If your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend has a nefarious email tool that generates different passwords for each website, this will allow you to view their locked account. To use this method, click “If You Can’t Access Your Account” on the login page of Facebook and follow instructions from there. It will ask you various security questions regarding your name, address, etc., which only the owner would know the answer to in order to verify your identity—so make sure you have the correct information before attempting this method.

Once they complete verification of your identity, the next step is to go into their sent messages folder and look for an email from Facebook containing a special password that was sent when they locked their own profile. If it does not appear in the sent folder, then it might be located in their other folders that contain correspondence.

3. Use Your Phone to Get into Account

If you have your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s phone number saved as one of your Facebook friends, this will allow you to retrieve his/her locked profile by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page and entering his/her number under “Send a Code.” You can also go to messaging on their locked account and click “Contact,” which allows you to enter any phone number of theirs associated with Facebook (not necessarily one saved as a friend) and get access to their message inboxes. Finally, if they are under 18 years old and allowed parental supervision on the account set by their parents, this is an effective way of getting back into the account.

4. Use Text Message to Get into Locked Profile

A feature available within the “Contact” option on a locked Facebook page allows you to send a text message that will require them to enter in their password for approval before it is sent through their mobile phone. This is essentially the same as having gotten access to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s email with his/her mobile number and requesting Facebook to send verification codes like how they do with email tools. However, if they are not receiving texts on the account (which may be likely if they turned off or do not have SMS capability for some reason), then this method does not work.

5. Ask Your Friend to Unblock You from Locked Profile

If you and your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend had mutual friends, this would allow you to see their photos by looking up the mutual friend in a Facebook search and clicking “View Friends.” This will bring up a list of all of his/her friends, and if your name is on the list, it means that they have unblocked you.

Why Should I Lock My Facebook Profile?

There are many reasons you should consider locking down your Facebook profile. We all enjoy making connections and communicating with those we’re familiar with, but there are some risks involved. If you’re concerned for your privacy or safety, it may be time to take a little extra precaution and lock down your Facebook profile until you’re ready for the world to see it.

Locking your Facebook Profile allows you access to a whole new level of privacy settings that are not available to those who do not have their profiles locked down. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced computer professional if you require assistance.

Lock Facebook Profile Via Mobile App

Lock Facebook using your mobile app is the best option to protect your personal information.

You can lock facebook on android, iPhone, or windows phone. You can lock your profile for a defined period, like only 5 minutes (so that nobody else changes anything on your social media page) until you reach home.

This means that after your specified time elapses, you can again access it.

You can also use a password-protected app to lock Facebook on android or iPhone, along with a random code that the app will generate. This means that nobody from outside will know the lock combination, and they cannot open it even if they guess it correctly.

In this way, your data is protected from hackers and other unauthorized people who may use it for violence.

To lock Facebook on an android phone, you can install a third-party app. You will find several apps in the store from which you can choose one depending on your preferences. After installing the app, open it and click on the option ‘Lock Facebook’. This will take you to the Facebook app, but it will be locked. At this point, you can enter the code which is generated by the app and get access to your Facebook profile. Every time you want to stop using the app, just refresh your browser, showing a different set of codes.


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