What’s The Best Joke Ever? Why So Serious? Is This the Best Joke Ever? 

What’s The Best Joke Ever

You have probably heard lots of jokes. Some of which you laughed your lungs out and some that did not seem to be funny to you. 

Comedians, actors, and stage performers have one of the challenging tasks. Making sure they entertain their viewers.

So how can one conclude that joke is the best? There are things to consider. Relevance, sense of humor, and creativity of an actor/comedian are some of the many reasons that could probe the best joke. You have probably heard of the Joker or The Dark Knight.

The best joke ever was one from the Joker. He is a villain, his jokes throughout the film are fascinating. 

Are Joker’s jokes the best?

Do you have a sense of humor? If you do, his jokes should make you laugh. However, if humor does not apply to you, his dramatization will do the magic. 

Yes, jokes made by the Joker are the best. Almost all his jokes are funny and can be termed best. But first, wouldn’t you want to hear his best joke?

Best Joke Ever By The Joker 

One of the mobsters in The Dark Knight wanted Joker delivered to him either dead or alive. As he is seated in his office, a group of thugs walks in. They deliver Joker in a trash bag. 

The mobster views the body to confirm it is the villain. The Joker, who was not dead, wakes up and sticks a knife in the mobster’s mouth. 

Here is the joke: Joker asks the mobster if he wants to know how he got the scar. The mobster does not say yes since he is in shock. Despite not getting an answer, Joker still explains why he has the scar. 

He narrates that his father was a drunkard and got off crazier than usual one night. Joker’s mum fetches a knife to defend herself. This upsets the father, and he stabs his mother while laughing. The father now turns to Joker and asks him why he is so serious.

Joker’s father sticks a blade in his mouth and tells him he wants to put a smile on his face. As Joker narrates this story, he looks at one of the mobsters’ guards, who is on his knees and so afraid. 

Joker repeats the question posed by his father, “why so serious?”. He then slits the mobster’s mouth. 

Why Is It the Best Joke?

  1. It is obvious that Joker’s father did not slit his mouth to put a smile on his face. Joker only used the story because he wanted to slit the mobster’s mouth. He did this because he wanted other mobsters to fear him. 
  2. Joker narrates the story as he laughs sarcastically. If the story were true, he would not be narrating it as he laughed. No one would want to share such an experience with other people. But Joker does it proudly. 
  3. His dressing and makeup. Joker dresses like a clown and has makeup on his face, making him look like he is always smiling. 
  4. His dramatization. Joker narrates the story as he pauses and psychopathically looks around as he licks his lip. 


The way Joker dramatizes and merges his jokes with what is happening around him makes his jokes the best. However, some people might not agree that his jokes are funny and humorous. Most people will find them fascinating. 


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