Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone: The Truth About This Gemstone

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

There is a lot of confusion about who should and who should not wear tiger eye stones. Some people believe that it is only meant for those who are going through a difficult time, while others think that anyone can benefit from its properties. In this blog post, we will clear up the confusion and tell you who should not wear this gemstone.

Who Should not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Tiger’s Eye Stone is a powerful gemstone that is said to offer protection, strength, and grounding. However, it should not be worn by those who are pregnant or nursing, as well as by people who suffer from epilepsy. Additionally, those who are newly initiated into the spiritual path should avoid wearing Tiger Eye Stone until they have developed a stronger sense of personal power

How To Identify Tiger Eye Stone

As you know, Tiger Eye Stone is a beautiful and rare stone with a reddish-brown and golden yellow color. It has been used to make jewelry since millenniums ago. Even today this stone continues to be popular as it is not only beautiful but also considered very auspicious.

1. Identification by sight:

This stone has the characteristic chatoyant effect which means some regions will appear as if they are polished as there will be streaks of light reflecting on them; these streaks of lights move as the gemstone is moved around. This chatoyance can be seen more distinctly when viewed at a low angle under a bright light like the sun or a lamp post on a dark night.

2. Identification using Ultraviolet (UV) Light:  

Another way to identify it is by using ultraviolet light (blacklight). It will emit red color under UV light. However, you should know that other stones like Howlite and Apache Tear do this too, so make sure you take careful note of the pattern that these stones emit under UV light as they are similar to Tiger Eye’s pattern.

3. Identification through density:

Tiger Eye Stone has a special reflective property called “adularescence” which means depending on how the stone is viewed at different angles, it will show different colors creating an effect like looking into moonlight or water. This can be done by holding the stone close to your eye and rotating it around slowly. If the stone is real, it should feel denser than normal stones due to the chatoyance created by optic interference.

4. Identification using sound:

This is probably the best way to identify Tiger Eye Stone as it will produce almost musical notes when struck. You can test this at home easily by taking a chisel and hitting the stone against its surface very lightly several times. Also, if you are trying to buy jewelry with embedded Tiger Eye Stone, always check for this property before making any purchase – obviously only do this once you have established that the seller is trustworthy!

5. Identification through X-Ray Analysis:

If you still think that something isn’t right about your gemstone or jewelry item after using all these methods then there is only one other option left which is the most definite, but also the most complicated. You need to take your item to a certified gemologist or an experienced jeweler who can run an X-ray examination on it to determine whether your stone is a real Tiger Eye Stone or not.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Stone?

We all love to wear jewelry, especially the ones that are one of a kind and go along with our outfits. We all wear various items throughout our wardrobe depending on what it is we are doing or where we are going. Some pieces tend to be worn more often than others, for instance, stud earrings because they can be dressed up or down so easily. Other types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings also go through this process too sometimes being more casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize them.       

One type of stone that is gaining momentum as a highly desirable piece of jewelry isn’t really classified as such at all but just considered another beautiful piece of the world around us. Many people don’t realize it but one of the most popular types of gemstones today is actually a type of opaque yellow to a brown variety of quartz called Tiger Eye. This stone has been used in jewelry for many years now and also makes an amazing paperweight or display piece for your home or office. Here are seven benefits  on “What are the benefits of wearing Tiger Eye Stone?”

1. A natural mood enhancer

The color is warm, vibrant, and sunny, which is why it has become so sought after by collectors and wearers alike. It’s believed that this eye-catching stone not only boosts feelings of confidence and self-esteem but also attracts people and opportunities into your life. Many believe that when you wear this stone near your body it infuses you with its energy and as a result help uplift your mood and optimism.

2. It enhances creativity

The next benefit of wearing Tiger Eye goes hand in hand with the first one. This is because those positive feelings release dopamine which is said to increase your creative thinking skills. They are also believed to aid in problem-solving, which can be quite helpful when wanting to approach life’s challenges from a more objective point of view.

3. An ideal gift for others or yourself

Wearing this stone is not just beneficial for you but also for the people around you. Its warm yet stable vibrations are said to have an all-around harmonizing effect on both individuals and groups of people alike! As an added bonus it has been said to bring good luck. If this stone is so amazing why not treat yourself to something special and purchase a piece that you know will last for ages!

Even though many of us are creatures of habit when buying jewelry, or tend to gravitate towards the same classic styles… Tiger Eye may just be the exception you’ve been looking for. It’s an additional way to wear an accessory that will make people stop and take notice because it doesn’t look like anything they’ve ever seen before. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, this stone can help give your style a unique edge!       

4. Protection from negativity

This type of quartz has within its structure barium sulfate which is often referred to as “thunder eggs” due to the fact that they are believed to have hit the ground during a lightning storm. Because of this, many people believe that it can help protect both your house and personal belongings from any negative energy or harmful outside forces. This stone is also known for purifying water which could be one possible explanation of why our ancestors used it in everyday life.

5. Repels unwanted attention

Another benefit of wearing Tiger Eye is its ability to repel others who may not mean you well. It’s said that keeping this gemstone close, or simply carrying it with you will ultimately keep away those who are just looking for some quick cash or expect handouts without putting in any real effort!

6. Fosters a healthy lifestyle

By purchasing this stone you’ll also be encouraging your own health as well. Since it’s believed to have the ability to increase the flow of blood and oxygen within the body, those who wear Tiger Eye on a regular basis are more likely to want to take better care of themselves. With this in mind, you may notice that you’re motivated or inspired to start a new workout program or eat healthier.

7. It comes in many shapes and sizes

This is one benefit on “What are the benefits of wearing Tiger Eye Stone?” that really makes it different from other stones. Unlike diamonds which typically come in round-cut or princess styles, there is an amazing variety when it comes to Tiger Eye. It can come in square, rectangle, round stones, and even pear shapes because of its unique banding pattern enhancing each individual stone. This means that there is bound to be one that fits your personal style perfectly!

All in all this crystal has so many amazing benefits for itself, other people, and the environment around us which makes it a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection. Why not try wearing topaz earrings with a silver chain or maybe you want something more flashy? When choosing where to wear Tiger Eye think about why you purchased it in the first place – if it was because people will notice then stick with dangly styles like long necklaces or tasseled pendants! If you’re not sure, go with something that reflects your personality and you’ll be ready to rock this stone in no time!


How to clean and store Tiger Eye Stone?

Clean Tiger Eye Stone by rinsing with water. Soak it in a bowl of water overnight to remove any dirt or debris. Air-dry the Tiger Eye Stone before storing.Store Tiger Eye Stone in a cool, dry place. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat.

Where to buy Tiger Eye Stones?

You can buy Tiger Eye Stones from a variety of places, including online and in metaphysical stores. Make sure to do your research to find a reputable retailer who sells authentic stones.

What is Tiger Eye Stone?

Tiger Eye Stone is a gemstone that is said to improve your luck, charisma, and perception. It can also be used to increase self-confidence and remove fear.


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