Why Do British People Have Yellow Teeth? Ways Of Bringing Back The Smile

Why Do British People Have Yellow Teeth

Americans have always made fun of Britons. They argue that Britons have poor dental hygiene; they have crooked and yellow teeth. 

On the other hand, Britons believe that Americans have yellow teeth. Britons claim that Americans always use cream to get rid of their yellow teeth. 

So, which between isn’t making false accusations? It is apparent that British people have crooked and yellow teeth from their films. This explains their deep accent. 

It is not a bad thing Afterall. Briton movies are entertaining from their accents. 

Why Do British People Have Yellow Teeth?

Britons have yellow teeth, with most of them having crooked teeth but not all of them. Some Britons are born with such teeth because they inherit them from their parents. 

Britons argue that although they have crooked and yellow-colored teeth. They do not try to change that. 

They do not try to whiten teeth as the Americans do. Britons are not ashamed of their natural look as most do not try to change their dental appearance. 

Causes Of Yellow Teeth

1. Britons drink lots of tea and coffee:

Beverages have benefits and effects. Tea has Tannin, which discolors teeth. People can prevent having yellow teeth even if they drink tea often. 

Research conducted by a dentist shows that beverages contain chromogens that attach to the teeth staining them. 

But ways of doing this are almost impossible. One is supposed to brush the teeth after having tea or teeth. This cannot always happen. 

Why is this so? Imagine having a coffee interview with your employer later in the evening at a restaurant in town. 

How do you manage to brush your teeth after the coffee interview? To make matters worse, this is something that some people do daily. It is almost impossible to carry your toothbrush everywhere or even buy toothbrushes daily. 

Dentists advise people to drink tea and coffee using a straw. Bet you can’t imagine this. People take a cup of coffee while it’s hot, so how do you drink from a tiny cup using a straw? It does not seem to be logical. 

2. Drinking lots of alcohol:

Beverages have the same effect on teeth as alcohol. But the damage alcohol does to your teeth is much greater. 

Most people who drink alcohol tend to forget to brush their teeth, which greatly contributes to stained teeth. 

Dealing With Teeth Discoloration

  • The only way to is by maintaining dental hygiene; Since you cannot brush your teeth every time you drink coffee. You are supposed to brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice. 
  • Dental check-ups; You need to visit the dentist for dental check-ups. People always visit their doctors. They should also visit their dentist to check upon them. 
  • Using whitening cream; If you always want to smile confidently, you can whiten your teeth. Yellow and discoursed teeth can lower your self-esteem because people can make fun of you when you smile. 


It would be best if you took proper care of your teeth. If you are a smoker or a drinker, make sure to brush your teeth using recommended toothpaste frequently. People who have perfect teeth should not wait to whiten their teeth. Proper dental hygiene will prevent you from all that hustle. 

Do not ruin your smile! 


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