Why Is My FedEx Package Pending? The Most Common Reasons

Why Is My FedEx Package Pending

If you’re wondering why your FedEx package is pending, you’re not alone. Many people experience this issue every day. There are a few possible reasons why your package might be in pending status, but don’t worry – we’ll walk you through them all!

Why A FedEx Package Might Be Pending

You’ve ordered something online, and you’re waiting for your new purchase to arrive.

There are several reasons that this could happen, some more likely than others. Some examples of possible explanations include:

1. FedEx Ship Manager login problems

If you are a FedEx shipper, and unable to log in to manage your shipments, it means that the website is down temporarily. The server which provides the information about how your shipment is moving might be unavailable due to various reasons. It could be a maintenance issue or an issue with the Internet connection as well. In either case, once you face such a problem, you can go ahead and try logging in after 10-15 minutes. If the website is up again now, then you can visit ‘www.fedex.com’ directly from where all your package details will be visible for further monitoring by yourself easily.

2. Drivers cannot find a good location for a drop-off

FedEx drivers are the men who provide you with all your package-related services. They deliver your packages on time and that too, in a proper condition to the specified address only. In any case, if a driver is unable to find the right place for a drop-off or a location where he can park his vehicle without obstructing normal traffic flow, it means that there is no proper space available for him to park his vehicle safely at your location. In such cases, drivers will not be able to locate an appropriate spot for loading and unloading shipments from their vehicles. It also means that they cannot add one more package to their list of deliveries which further results in delaying the entire process beyond the expected time duration.

3. Shipping label issue with FedEx tracking

If you happen to face a problem with your shipping label for any particular shipment, and it is not reflecting the details of the actual package itself, then there could be something wrong with the shipping label or maybe your account details. You can always go ahead and try creating a new shipping label and place its copy on the shipment box again after double-checking all your addresses and contact information provided by yourself at ‘www.fedex.com’. In short, if you feel that the FedEx tracking number does not work properly due to some issues with the label copy itself, then try creating another one without making any delays which are completely avoidable in every way possible.

4. Human error during entry of package weight 

The weight of each package delivered by FedEx is decided based on its size, weight, and dimensions only. So, if the total weight of a package delivered to you doesn’t match with what was recorded at ‘www.fedex.com’, it means that there has been an error made during the entry process itself. A human mistake can cause all sorts of errors that are completely avoidable in every way possible. There’s no need to panic because any error like this can be corrected easily as well. All you have to do is change some values within your account at www.fedex.com and then go ahead with tracking your shipment again.

5. Power outage or Internet connectivity issues

It is always recommended that you should remain ready by having some extra battery juice in case of low battery alerts or any other issues which might appear with your mobile device. Also, electrical interruptions are the most common problems faced by everyone when it comes to tracking shipments online. So, try keeping an extra battery for your mobile phone in case you face a situation like this where there is no power supply or Internet connectivity at all. Such situations can be handled easily in every way possible in order to keep track of your package in real-time without making any delays whatsoever in delivery processes.

Tips For Getting Your FedEx Package Delivered On Time

To help reduce any stress that may arise during your next shipment, here are six tips for making sure your package arrives on time:

  1. Know what happens after you drop off a package at FedEx? First and foremost, know where you can drop off a package before shipping it. Are there different locations in your area? How far is each location? How long does it take to get there? Is it even open on the days you need to ship? 

Asking these questions will not only help you know where to go but how much time you’ll have to spare as well as what the possibilities are.

  1. Know when your package is supposed to arrive at its destination. There’s nothing worse than tracking a package and seeing that it was “departed” from the shipping facility near me two days ago – without any idea of when it will actually arrive at my house (let alone getting there). A FedEx representative once told me: “When we drop off a package, we’re not promising exactly when it or she will be delivered Since I’ve shipped dozens of packages through FedEx, I’ve learned to appreciate this statement. It is a reminder that no one can guarantee when a package will arrive at its destination – not even the shipping company itself.
  2. Know what date your carrier delivers on select days of the week. If you know where and how soon but don’t know which days they deliver on, you can always call and ask! A simple phone call to FedEx (or UPS!) may be all it takes to answer these questions before shipping your next package. Even if you’re already aware of the carrier’s schedule for delivering packages in your area, why not double-check? You never want to miss an opportunity to make sure every detail about your shipment is up-to-date and accurate.
  3. Know your package’s size and weight before shipping it. Although most online companies provide a quick and easy way to check the weight of a package, at FedEx, this information is not always available. This might leave you wondering whether or not the contents of your shipment will meet FedEx’s requirements for size and/or weight. If you’re unsure, why not give them a call! Not only will knowing these details help you avoid additional charges for overweight / extra-sized packages, but it’ll also ease any potential problems when dropping off your next shipment at one of their convenient locations.
  4. Know what type of box or packaging to use before shipping it. There are many different types of boxes that come in all shapes and sizes – each with its own unique purpose. This is not only important to know before shipping a package, but it is also essential for making sure your shipment arrives in one piece! If you’re unsure about which type of box (or how many) will be best suited for your next FedEx shipment, consider asking them when you call to schedule an appointment. They’re always helpful and willing to point you in the right direction based on your needs.
  5. Know what kind/type of packaging tape to use before sealing up your package. I would like to think that most people already know this key detail when shipping packages; however, it’s possible they don’t realize there are multiple kinds/types of tapes out there. Although packages need some form of wrapping to secure the contents of a shipment, this just can’t be done with any old tape that you have lying around your house. Can it? No! Make sure to use packaging tape appropriate for “heavy-duty” shipping. Not only is the tape needed to keep your package right where it belongs (in one piece), but it’s also important to make sure it seals properly before being loaded onto a truck or dropped off at the FedEx location near you.

Be sure to allow enough time when planning your next shipment. While each of these tips is effective on its own, using all six together will give you added peace of mind during your next FedEx delivery!

How Can I Find Out The Status Of My FedEx Package?

You can check the status of a FedEx package by going to their website and manually entering your tracking number. All you’ll need is your name, street address, phone number, and e-mail address. You will also be asked for your password for that particular account.

After entering all required information, you will be given access to detailed order information such as scheduled delivery date and time, early delivery notification options, shipment start time, and date stamp updates from when it was picked up until it was delivered or attempted to be delivered. Keep in mind that the “Last updated” USPS may not always have updated this very second; therefore, there might still be delays incurred on both ends of either side of the transaction. Still; though; checking more than once in a given hour usually won’t yield much more accurate results.

Doing this will save you time and aggravation, as the FedEx website allows you to access other services such as tracking your shipping costs, checking on international shipments or time-sensitive documents, filing insurance claims, or making online payments. It’s important to note that not all carriers are available for this service; for example, UPS does offer their package status updates through their website, but DHL does not currently provide this option. However; should there be delays throughout the process of delivery you can contact either FedEx or UPS to see if they know what is going on with your package. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else that can be done in these instances except hoping it comes soon.


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