Why Is My Front Camera Blurry?

Why Is My Front Camera Blurry

These are just some of the questions that we get every day on our support channels. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an easy way to solve these issues for everyone or to pinpoint one exact reason why your front camera may be having problems. That said, I wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can troubleshoot these common problems yourself so hopefully, you don’t have to wait for us. I am aware that there are a few other articles out there that do a wonderful job at providing answers and solutions but our hope is that this article will give you enough information so that you know what to look for in order for this website’s content to be more beneficial to you.

First, let’s start with the most common reason for blurry front cameras:

The Phone Is Dirty!   And while we feel like this should go without saying, we get a lot of questions about “hazy” and/or blurry front camera photos and one of our first recommendations is to simply wipe down your phone and make sure there is no dirt or smudges on the lens. We oftentimes find that people will rub their finger directly on the glass causing tiny scratches which can affect the clarity/quality of the photo. Furthermore, once you’ve taken a look at your lens (with flash) and see it’s all clean please remember that if you still think it looks dirty…it probably is. You can try to use a flashlight and a piece of white paper as a background but if you continue having issues it’s probably best to take the phone in so someone else can have a look at it.

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Second, let’s talk about another common cause for front cameras that are blurry: The Phone Is Cracked ! …and I don’t mean that as an insult or as an exaggeration either. In fact, we see similar issues quite often with those who have dropped their phones and waited too long before taking them in for repairs. While this may seem very obvious to most people, there are still some out there who will wait until they’ve caused further damage before fully considering what the initial problem could be (i.e., water damage, shattered LCD, etc.) So what you should know is that your front camera lens is located right near the ear piece speaker (and above it) and when this area takes a hit (even if only on the glass) it can do some serious damage to your photo quality.

We recommend turning your phone off completely, placing it face down onto something soft like a towel or t-shirt, and gently hitting/tapping around this section (being very careful not to let anything fall in). It’s very possible that the impact could cause the lenses inside of this hole to come loose or even break entirely so I wouldn’t suggest doing too much investigation by yourself. Now if after tapping on your phone you don’t see any change then perhaps the worst has happened and you should take your device into a repair shop (we can’t stress this enough).

But what if I dropped my phone but the lenses are still intact!

Third, let’s talk about one other problem that causes blurring for front cameras: Your Front Camera Lens Is Out of Focus. Now before you pull out your hair in frustration know that there is an easy way to test to see if this is the issue. First, look at something very close up (about 2 inches away), and then without changing anything try to focus on something much further back (like a wall or ceiling light fixture). If both images appear sharp/clear then your lens is likely just dirty but if the far away image is fuzzy and unclear than there is a good chance you have a front camera lens out of focus. Just like the  second problem mentioned above…this usually occurs due to physical damage caused by  dropping your phone but in some cases, even regular use can cause the lenses inside to become loose or detach all together.

Fixing this requires taking apart  your phone  and replacing one or all of  the lenses with new ones (depending on what’s damaged). It’s an easy enough task for someone who knows what they’re doing but if you’re not experienced then it may be best to take the device into a shop that specializes in repairs instead.  

Finally, let’s cover one other issue that could cause blurring on the front facing camera: Your Camera App Is Not Setup Properly. This is usually caused by having a software setting turned on that doesn’t allow for your front facing lens to properly focus or activate within certain modes of operation. For example, if you are taking pictures in Macro Mode then you might notice that the photo is out of focus but when switched over to Auto-Focus Mode everything looks much better.

The reason this happens is because most apps (and even the iPhone itself) automatically switch between back and front cameras without giving users control over which one gets used and when. While this makes it very easy during casual use we find that people often times don’t realize they have this option available under their settings menu and can easily fix any issues they’re having. Just head on into your settings and make sure that the switch which controls the camera mode is set to say “Front Facing Camera” or something similar. If you don’t see this option then chances are someone else has already switched it over to work with their apps so be sure to search around a bit more in your settings menu before giving up!

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the front facing cameras and blurry pictures/videos. While some of these problems can be solved by tapping  the device gently we do recommend if anything seems loose or detached inside that you take the phone in for repairs as soon as possible (just remember: water damage is always worse than whatever caused it!). And finally, if you have a camera app that you really like using then by all means keep on doing so as not to cause yourself any future issues down the road.

What Can I Do To Prevent Blurry Camera In The Future?

The Camera app on your device is useful for taking pictures. Some people, however, may find that upon viewing their photo after it has been taken, the image appears blurry. This could be for a number of reasons. If this problem occurs, there are several things to do in order to hopefully remedy this issue.

First off, try cleaning your camera lens . This can be done using either a cloth or compressed air. The idea behind both methods is to get rid of any debris that may have collected on the lens since its last use. If your smartphone’s camera app allows you to manually focus before taking a picture , then make sure that the object you want to take a picture of is in focus before tapping the shoot button.

This includes manually focusing the camera to obtain a sharper image. Another way to reduce blur in your photos is to make sure that you are not moving while taking the picture. By holding your device steady and taking care not to jostle it, you will increase the chances of producing a sharp-looking picture.   

Most cameras have an automatic setting that adjusts shutter speed based on how much light there is in a given scene . If you’re having trouble capturing clear images because your environment doesn’t provide enough light, consider using the HDR feature on your smartphone’s Camera app . This should allow for pictures with enhanced detail and color saturation.

Lastly, try experimenting with other Camera settings such as exposure or white balance . While these may be intended for more advanced users, they can often be used by a novice to improve the overall look of a photograph.


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