Why Is USPS So Bad; The Reasons Behind It 

Why Is USPS So Bad

People use mails to communicate or do business. Some items bought from online stores reach the customer through mailing. 

This is an effective channel of communication. However, the company has been having issues recently. 

People are making complaints every day. Running a company successfully demands competent management. 

A company will start to crumble when the leadership and management skills of the organization are poor. 

So why is it that people are complaining and opting for alternative means other than using USPS services? Here is a reason 

Why USPS is so bad

USPS has been raising its rates. Although some may feel this is not a huge issue, those who often use USPS services will feel the pinch. Shops have to raise prices on their products to cater for mailing services. It is not good.

Are They Getting Greedy? 

Businesses and investments fail when the involved parties have greed for more money. Even a cent will affect the price of commodities. 

People are pissed off because this has become a trend. It is usual for companies to change their rates. This does not mean that they raise them regularly. 

The COVID 19 pandemic affected businesses. The worst affected were tourism and hospitality. Although the Government canceled international flights, products still shipped. Most people shifted to online buying. It means that the rates should have dropped instead of shooting up. 

Poor Delivery Timelines

The mailing service provider stated that mails would delay. It will take longer than usual to deliver mails. Doing this only displays a poor image of the company. People who use mail to buy medicine will be affected majorly. 

The company might have laid-off workers or delivery trucks. It shows that the company is struggling. No one likes to be associated with failing ventures. 

There are special days like valentines or anniversaries. Imagine buying a gift for a friend or lover, but the gift is delivered three days past the anniversary. It might not seem right with your partner.  

How To Stay on Top

The postal service company needs to review the rates. If people feel that the rates are abnormal, they will go for cheaper means. The service provider needs to lower the rates.

They can decide to cut the allowance of workers to get back on their feet. After they start making profits, they can increase the allowances again. 

Investing In Staff 

They need to hire competent workers who will work efficiently. Mailing companies need shifts. Working on a single shift will lead to pilling up of mails. It can get messy. There are alternative means. They can use bicycles if trucks are expensive to have.  


Companies need to monitor customer reviews. It would be best to ask people what you could do to satisfy them. Uber is a company that gets good reviews because they use only the best drivers. They vet them, and after they perform well, hire them.  

USPS needs to take customers’ complaints seriously and improve their service. It is easier for a company to fall than for it to rise.


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